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AOTF Workshop: Harmonizing health & wellbeing living lab services & procedures

On 1 December 2020, ENoLL Health and Wellbeing Action Oriented Task Force held a workshop to discuss “Harmonizing health & wellbeing living lab services & procedures”. The digital meeting was attended by more than 70 participants. The main message that came out was that it is about time that the Living Labs start “talking” a common language. Living Labs know very well and for many years now how to facilitate experimentation in local context. Harmonization can internationalize local Living Lab operation and establish Living Lab research and innovation methodologies worldwide. A lot of Living Labs and Living Lab researchers presented the procedures they offer in the local context and existing attempts to harmonization.


Numerous Living Labs were presented, namely McGill – CRIR Living lab by Eva Kehayia, Associate Professor, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, McGill University; LiCalab living lab by Ingrid Adriaensen, Business manager at LiCalab, GAIA living lab by Jokin Garatea, Internationalisation Responsible at GAIA and The Smart House Living Lab by Beatriz Merino, project manager at Life Supporting Technologies (LifeSTech).


Next to that, inputs of various related topics were presented by Despoina Mantziari, Research Associate at Lab of Medical Physics, AUTH on the events booklet; Teemu Santonen, Principal lecturer at Laurea University of Applied Sciences on procedures from ProVaHealth project; Panagiotis Kartsidis, Research Associate at Lab of Medical Physics on ethics challenges; Sari Heikkinen, Research Director, sustainable and versatile social and health care on Multidisciplinary Competences for Health and Social Care Services in Finland; David Servais, project manager at Forum LLSA on the organisation and concluded by presentation of Evdokimos Konstantinidis, Coordinator of the Health and Well Being Living Labs Action Task Force (ENoLL).


There was a high volume of interest for presenting in this workshop and due to that there was no extra time for discussion. However, more workshops will be organized as the discussion for our common language has just begun. Finally, Living Labs are in the position to fulfil this need and H&W AOTF will be working towards that direction.


Harmonization of living lab services (AOTF Health & Well being) from European Network of Living Labs on Vimeo.

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