List of ENoLL Webinars

The following webinars were scheduled, aligned with ENoLL’s Action-Oriented Task Forces and projects. If available, you can have access to the video, a report and slides (for the specific “ENoLL Webinars on COVID-19” please click here)


ENoLL Action-oriented Task Forces and topics of interest:

ENoLL and JRC Memorandum of Understanding

    • (2021/06/21) – “Kick Off Meeting ENoLL & JRC action plan for the development of the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)” | Watch video |


Social Impact of AI

    • (2021/09/07) – “Unveiling the Social Impact of AI at DLLDs 2021“. AOTF on Social Impact of AI | Watch video |
    • (2020/09/14) “Defining Social Impact of AI at DLLDs 2020″. AOTF on Social Impact of AI Watch video |
    • (2020/09/13) “Unveiling the social Impact of AI”. AOTF on Social Impact of AI Watch video 


Agriculture and Agri-food


Social Innovation and Digital Rights



    • (2021/02/02) – “Liivng Labs in Mobility”. | Watch video |
    • (2020/10/29) – “Kick-off meeting Mobility Cluster”.   Watch video |


Living Labs as Regulatory Learning Tools

    • (2022/04/17) – “Kick of Meeting on Living Labs as tools for regulatory learning”.   Watch video |
    • (2022/06/17) – “Living Labs as tools for regulatory learning: Basic concepts and examples”.   Watch video |


Culture and cultural industries


Living Labs Methods and tools (Project UNALAB)


Living Labbers Series:


Catch-up with ENoLL members:


Digital Living Lab Days:



WATER-MINING Market & Policy Workshop

Tuesday, 07 Feb 2023
Brussels, Belgium
Designed for stakeholders interested in business models and policy measures supporting innovative circular water technologies

Water Projects Europe

Tuesday, 14 Feb 2023

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