A toolkit is a set of guidelines that suggests how a particular goal can be accomplished. We have developed three different toolkits which are publicly available. The co-creation toolkit, developed within the UNaLab project aims to present tools for co-creation which have either been developed or tested within the project.


End-user engagement toolkit, developed within the U4IoT project, comprises methodologies and tools found across literature and online, put together in a format that follows the different phases along the innovation process. These three phases, namely: exploration, experimentation and evaluation, have been further divided in 3-5 iterations.


The Social & Creative MED Community Toolkit, developed within the IntrerregMED TALIA project aims to promote the work of 11 Modular Projects in the Social & Creative Community from Interreg MED Programme 2014-2020 by providing easy access to their tools. TALIA scale-up and scale out the results from these projects within and outside of the Mediterranean area and encourage creatives and policy makers to step forward and build their capacity to innovate across a wide range of territories and thematic areas.


And finally, the SISCODE Toolbox aims to facilitate the design and implementation of co-creation journeys for the SISCODE laboratories, focussing on better understanding and prioritisation of the particularities of each context.

In collaboration with Knowle West Media Centre (Bristol Living Lab) we have developed two sets of Tips & Tricks cards.  Tips & Tricks for Living Labs (developed within the iSCAPE project) and Tips & Tricks for Responsible Research & Innovation (developed within the SISCODE project). These cards offer provocations to inspire and challenge people as they reflect on the topic: from the theories that underpin responsible research and innovation to the way we carry out this kind of work.


Tips & Tricks for Responsible Research & Innovation

The Tips & Tricks are designed as a pack of square cards that can be printed at home. Each ‘tip’ is presented as a short statement and a colourful illustration, and the tips have been grouped to reflect the European Commission’s five ‘keys’ of Responsible Research & Innovation: ethical, collaborative, inclusive, open and learning.


Tips & Tricks for Living Labs

The “Living Lab Guidebook for Cities fighting against Air Pollution” contains a deck of 20 Tips & Trick cards to inspire and challenge cities to create a Living Lab.



Torino City Lab (Italy) – 5G towards 6G for Citiverse: How AI, IoT, Blockchain, and XR are driving urban innovation in future Cities & Communities

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2024
Turin, Italy
The international event will take place in Torino on June 18th, 2024 and will be focused on showcasing and promoting the debate among Public Authorities, Research and Industry on concrete advancements in the application of 5 to 6G emerging technologies solutions for urban innovation towards the upcoming European paradigm of “CitiVerse”.

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