While we are mainly focused on developing E-courses through the Capacity Building Program, you can find two relevant free e-courses which are open to the public.


Together with U4IoT partners (namely Botnia Living Lab from LuleĆ„ University of Technology), we have prepared an e-course on Living Lab Support. In the course, common elements of Living Labs are introduced, together with concrete advice for user selection and stakeholder engagement. Next real-life case studies collected from ENoLL network are presented and finally the topic of field tests in a Living Lab setting is discussed, giving theoretical background to the topic as well as providing recommendations and practical guidelines together with ethical considerations.

Another relevant course for Living Lab practitioners is the SISCODE project MOOC on “Co-creation for policymakers: an introductory course“. Within 5 weeks of the course’s length, you will learn the basics of how to collaborate directly with citizens to bridge the gap between society and policy.



Summer School

Wednesday, 06 Jul 2022
Athens, Greece
A summer school for Living Lab enthusiasts

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