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Introducing the Joint UTM-UTMC Newsletter: Your Gateway to Urban Transitions Insights!

The Urban Transitions Mission (UTM) and the supporting Urban Transitions Mission Centre (UTMC) are excited to share with the UTM community and the subscribers of the UTMC platform the latest news from our community. Thus, we are thrilled to announce the launch of the Joint UTM-UTMC Newsletter – your ultimate source for all things related to urban transitions!

Are you passionate about shaping the future of cities? Eager to stay ahead in this dynamic field? Look no further! Subscribe to our Newsletter today and gain first-hand access to valuable insights, updates, and opportunities that will propel your journey towards urban innovation. Click here to embark on this transformative adventure.


What Can You Expect from Our Newsletter?

Latest News from the Urban Transitions Mission’s Community: Stay informed with the most recent news and stories from UTM and UTMC.


Upcoming Events and Opportunities: Don’t miss out on key events, capacity building, and networking opportunities that could accelerate your impact in urban innovation.


Latest Updates on Platform and Resources: Explore the Knowledge Repository resources, updates, case-studies and more, designed to empower your journey towards building resilient, inclusive, and sustainable cities.


Don’t Miss Out on the Chance to be at the Forefront of Urban Transition!

Now is the time to seize the opportunity and become a catalyst for change in urban development. Subscribe to our Newsletter and join us in shaping the future of our cities, one innovative idea at a time.


As we have just launched our first issue of the Newsletter, you can read it now. If the information sparked your interest, make sure to subscribe now!


Link to subscribe to the Newsletter – https://bit.ly/49x3W2z

Link to the first Newsletter – https://bit.ly/48uV0cZ


About Urban Transitions Mission (UTM)

The Urban Transitions Mission (UTM) was launched at the COP26 in November 2021 with the aim to increase the capacity of cities worldwide, empowering them to shape urban transitions based on robust knowledge and a strong net-zero community of support and exchange. Thanks to increased capacity and access to knowledge, cities will be able to mobilise their inherent strength and the potential of their communities – and develop their own customised solutions to effectively transition to net-zero. The Mission aims to close the gap between research, development and deployment on systemic transition pathways to net-zero, resilient and human-centred cities through multi-level, multi-sectoral, and outcome-oriented partnerships.


The Urban Transitions Mission (UTM) aims at demonstrating that systemic urban strategies along with climate resilience and social aspects of the transition can boost reliable, affordable, feasible and cost-effective solutions for reaching net-zero cities. Successful urban transitions will leverage innovative policies, technologies, financial instruments, business models and cooperative approaches. These points must be integrated for the satisfaction of citizens’ needs, building on renewable energy sources and circular economy principles and enhancing resilience for a people-centred urban transition globally.

More about the mission – https://urbantransitionsmission.org


About Urban Transitions Mission Centre (UTMC)

The Urban Transitions Mission Centre (UTMC) is a global platform that promotes urban sustainability and facilitates climate-neutral transitions. The UTMC helps cities to bridge knowledge and capacity gaps by linking cities with policy, implementation, and funding solutions via exchanges that transcend national and world Regions’ borders.


Building on the European Mission for Climate-Neutral and Smart Cities, the UTMC supports the activities of the Urban Transitions Mission of Mission Innovation, and it enables a wide international knowledge and practice network of cities and urban stakeholders that helps drive transitions globally. It will enable cities to build their capacity in a networking environment with access to knowledge and tools on urban systems integration, technology developments, successful policies, investment, and funding opportunities, as well as the co-benefits, mistakes, and trade-offs that cities encounter in the pathway towards a net-zero urban environment.


The UTMC makes available evidence-based solutions and good practices to accelerate urban transitions and promote financing and funding opportunities to implement integrated urban climate action. It offers advanced frameworks and moderated learning across governance levels to raise awareness of and capacities for climate neutrality policies. The UTMC also establishes a forum for international exchange and cooperation on climate-neutral and net-zero urban transitions by organizing global and regional events and comprehensive dissemination measures to raise visibility of EU and international good practice and strengthen international cooperation.


The UTMC is funded by the European Union’s Horizon Europe. Since December 2022, a consortium of urban experts from organizations such as the Austrian Research Promotion Agency on behalf of JPI Urban Europe, the European Network of Living Labs (ENoLL), Eurocities, the Global Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (GCoM), ICLEI – Local Governments for Sustainability, and LGI Sustainable Innovation, is facilitating the set-up and roll out of of the UTMC’s activities.


Join the Platform – https://www.utmc.app

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Introducing the Joint UTM-UTMC Newsletter: Your Gateway to Urban Transitions Insights!

The Urban Transitions Mission (UTM) and the supporting Urban Transitions Mission Centre (UTMC) are excited to share with the UTM […]

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