User Experience Living Lab


Alexander Nikov

Usability Lab, The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine

Tel +1868-6622002

Trinidad and Tobago

The mission of the UXLL is to build a live system where research, training and innovation interfere and enhance each other in order to develop and deploy innovative interactive systems and products at national and European/Caribbean level with an active end-user participation and international collaboration. The LL is an open organizational structure that consolidates the efforts of several stakeholders. UXLL activities are oriented at design usable interactive systems/products and healthy/ergonomic workplaces. It designs, evaluates or tests interactive systems, hardware or workplaces to be more useful, usable, satisfying and enjoyable. In its well-equipped stationary and mobile usability labs users are studied interacting with a system/workplace/product for the sake of evaluating the system's usability. UXLL supports the development of leading edge interactive systems/products through unbeatable user experience.

Usability, personalization and emotive (user emotions) design based on modern mathematical models (computational intelligence: neural networks, swarm optimization, etc.) are hi-tech approaches for any web-based systems/services/products (cf. Figure 1), e.g. eCommerce websites, they are specially researching in UXLL user emotions/affect/mood/enjoyability issues in design and development of interfaces/ systems/ products/ workplaces that adaptively and positively appeal to user emotions. UXLL studies emotional usability of customer interfaces including consumer behavior and market research, starting with an eCommerce application. This would include new neuromarketing testing technology integrating video and physiological data and assessing emotions with FaceReader face recognition and EEG technology emotion response analysis based on computational intelligence models.

The research in UXLL is oriented to creation of hi-tech approaches for the design of usability, personalization and emotion-oriented systems and services and knowledge that can contribute to local companies and organizations entering the global market. The results of this research can contribute to increasing the competitiveness of TT/Caribbean companies in the global marketplace by implementing the know-how and hi-tech approach for usability and emotive design that will be especially important for post-oil era in TT. UXLL is actively pursuing research and development projects with private and public organizations in TT, Caribbean, EU, etc.

In this respect UXLL will play the role of a regional LL in Caribbean. However, after a period of further development and achieving a level of maturity, the UXLL will make efforts to incubate a set of LLs targeting different industrial sectors. In addition, the UXLL will take an initiative to support development of LLs in the countries from Caribbean. By establishing the UXLL we can open new avenues for contributing to the ENoLL initiative at a Pan-Caribbean level.