TAMK Living Lab


Leena Mäkelä, leena.makela@tamk.fi

Tampere University of Applied Sciences, Kuntokatu 3, 33520, Tampere, Finland


TAMK Living Lab

TAMK operates in the Tampere Region which is one of the most vivid, innovative and growing regions in Finland. Here, the innovations flourish in interactive environments where users, experts and students from different backgrounds work together and combine their skills and knowledge.

We offer our cooperation partners the possibility to experiment with the multidisciplinary Living Lab approach. Companies can utilise our Finnish and international contacts in developing their products and services to meet customer needs. Cooperation on this scale ensures that new innovations, research results, and proven operational models are incorporated into TAMK’s educational framework for the benefit of future professionals.

All TAMK’s development projects prioritise the creation of development networks across diverse fields, utilisation of multidisciplinary groups of students, and exploitation of the Living Lab approach. The outreaching innovation work of TAMK Living Lab is also supported by the Demola cooperation, an operation model which includes multidisciplinary student groups that develop solutions to meet the needs of companies, public organizations and the third sector.


Tampere University of Applied Sciences (TAMK) is an internationally oriented, multidisciplinary higher education institution located in the Tampere Region, Finland. TAMK is one of the largest universities of applied sciences in Finland with more than 10 000 students and with an annual enrolment of 2500 new students. TAMK provides Bachelor and Master level education in six fields of education, having 700 staff members and an annual budget of 75 million euros.

TAMK Living Lab focuses on promoting wellbeing and health, business and production, as well as learning and creativity.  RDI work is based on demand and user-driven innovations. More traditional approach from science to technology and innovation is in our work mainly replaced with doing, using and interacting paradigm. In TAMK, shared development work is completed with the quadruple helix model where private and public sector organisations, TAMK, and especially users and customers together create totally new solutions to identified development needs. In the cooperation networks we throw ideas around, experiment and generate new products and services. All this happens in real environments and contexts, in our Living Lab, which are also integrated to the high-class education we offer.

In addition to local and regional collaboration, TAMK also operates internationally at many levels within the Nordic Countries, Europe, and other countries and continents. The international networks and the RDI project activities open a natural and reliable channel for the partners of TAMK in their international operations, whether this means finding new partners abroad or entering the international market.

Fields of expertise

TAMK has six strategic focus areas where educational excellence is combined with practically oriented, user-driven research, development and innovation actions. These focus areas are Intelligent Machines, Energy-Efficient Buildings, Senior Services, Wellbeing Entrepreneurship, Culture Export, and Entrepreneurship Pedagogy. In all these areas, multidisciplinary solutions are developed to meet the changing needs of our operational environments.

When developing future technology we focus for example on the testing and application of intelligent user interfaces, such as haptics and gesture and speech recognition interfaces, as well as the incorporation of sensor technology into products. Social robotics is one of our key themes; it is a testing platform for the development and piloting of new technologies.

In the field of health and wellbeing, TAMK Living Lab aims at promoting human health and wellbeing at every phase of life. Quality of life is enhanced on many fronts by developing new services and products in genuine living environments, close to users and working life. The target is to establish long-term development partnerships with companies providing wellbeing services and technology, the public sector, and municipalities. In addition, the cooperation network includes other higher education institutions and research and development units in Finland and abroad.

In the fields of art and media, TAMK is involved in ongoing research and development projects focusing on scriptwriting, digital media products, soundscapes, online community based business, theatre processes, photography and film art, as well as cultural aspects of services for the wellbeing and tourism sectors. TAMK Living Lab approach is also contributing actively on Mediapolis, a new international campus in Tampere. Mediapolis concentrates on content production and ICT, and it’s supported by Finnish national broadcasting company YLE, TAMK, City of Tampere and Technopolis. In Mediapolis, companies and students work side-by-side in an energetic atmosphere creating their own stories while utilizing different mediums.

Specific horizontal fields of expertise areas include games technology and entrepreneurship. The cutting-edge competences and methodologies of these both fields provide many possibilities to be combined with all other sectors in order to produce innovative solutions, applications and services.

Working together will enable us to profit from synergy, decrease the risks and learn together

TAMK Living Lab prefers to look two product generations ahead instead of looking at the product and service concepts that are nearing the end of their life span. TAMK’s cooperation networks find and test new products and service solutions, and also implement them in real life settings. We find solutions to everyday problems, and our service repertoire ranges from small student operated development assignments to large transnational projects. Especially small and medium size enterprises benefit from the complementing RDI knowledge and resources of TAMK’s students and staff members.

We are looking for new cooperative practices and innovative solutions within teaching and learning. TAMK Living Lab is building new learning environments, where those in working life and students can meet each other to their mutual advantage. Tailored training for companies and independent fee-based studies provide enhanced professional competencies and give competitive advantage in the workplace.