Seia Smart Mountains Living Lab


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Seia Smart Mountains Living Lab

Seia as test pole and experimentation of a way of smart, sustainable rural life, inclusive and supportive, positioning itself regionally and nationally as a "gateway" Serra da Estrela.


The Smart Seia Mountains Living Lab is based on the strategic alliance between history and the heritage of Seia municipality, with strong rural tradition and marked by a mountain environment; and new competitive factors, such as technological development, innovation, sharing economy, solidarity and sustainability. The main strategic directions of the Smart Mountains Living Lab are:

Smart - Seia aims to become a smart rural community in a holistic and comprehensive perspective, using the technologies by companies, governments, communities, etc., in order to boost economic growth, sustainability and inclusion.

Sustainable - Seia as a point of reference in the field of biodiversity, an attractive landscape and a distinctive place to live by natural conditions, is a prime hub for the development and testing of innovative green solutions in the context of real life and with the involvement of users finals.

Outreach - In an area of low population density and emerging scarcity of resources, the sharing economy and solidarity are key ingredients for a sustainable and intelligent approach in Seia. Since the movement, to homes, through the acquisition of essential goods, or even access to certain services, solidarity, collaboration and sharing among citizens it is something essential, distinctive and strategic for Seia.

In this context, we intend to test new technologies, new products / services and also new business models, organizational or societal models, as exemplified by the sharing economy.

References and Track Record

Smart Mountains Living Lab is pleased to have as partners ADIRAM – Associação de Desenvolvimento Integrado da Rede de Aldeias de Montanha, ESTH – Escola Superior de Turismo e Hotelaria – IPG, Quinta do Chão do Rio, UBI – Universidade da Beira Interior, APMR – Associação Portuguesa de Marketing Rural, UCP – Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Porto, Loripão – Empresa Panificadora da Serra da Estrela, Sociedade Agro-Pecuária do Vale do Seia, Produtor do Queijo Serra da Estrela (DOP), CISE – Centro de Interpretação da Serra da Estrela

The Smart Seia Mountains Living Lab thus seeks to contribute to mark a turning point in the development cycle of Seia county based on three main objectives:

- Economic and business revitalization;

- Urban / rural regeneration;

- Attraction and retention of new residents and visitors.