OULLabs - Oulu Urban Living Labs

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Satu Väinämö

Director of OULLabs

P.O. Box 1001, FI-90014 University Of Oulu, Finland


Phone: +358 50 4370 978

www.cie.fi, www.oullabs.fi/en


For further information, please visit http://www.oullabs.fi/


OULLabs ‐ Oulu Urban Living Labs 

The city of Oulu and the Oulu region with its developing infrastructure forms an excellent urban living lab which enables development of products and services in real-life environment with end users. The Oulu region is known for the intensive collaboration between companies, public sector and universities.



OULLabs is a network-like Living Lab which is based on the infrastructures of the founding members of the Oulu Innovation Alliance (OIA). OULLabs has been established by Center for Internet Excellence, University of Oulu, to support the region to further utilize the existing infrastructures and networks. The other partners of OULLabs are City of Oulu, Oulu University of Applied Sciences and VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland.


One-stop shop to the users, test environments and specialist services


OULLabs targets to develop utilization of user‐centric knowledge for better appliances and services for inhabitants, as well as to expedite growth of businesses in the Oulu region. OULLabs drives for co‐creation of user‐centric services supported by tailored research, development and solution creation. OULLabs acts as one‐stop‐shop testing and test bed service provider with project and resource management.


Key resource of OULLabs is test user community and discussion forum PATIO, which connects developers and end-users to co-create better products and services. Since 2011, dozens of test projects involving hundreds of users have been conducted with companies and public sector organizations. OULLabs’ other current test environments are for example 3D Virtual Laboratory, TTKaakkuri Product Testing (healthcare), UBI infrastructure and Converging Networks Laboratory.

OULLabs ENoLL member by European Network of Living Labs