LUSAGE Gerontechnology Living Lab

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LUSAGE, Hôpital Broca  54-56 rue Pascal, 75013, Paris, France, Tel +33 1 44 08 33 60

Director: Pr. Anne-Sophie Rigaud (

Project Manager: Maribel Pino (

Project Officer: Fanny Lorentz (







LUSAGE is a living-lab specialized in the design, development and assessment of technology-based products and services for older adults. End-users groups include: healthy persons, individuals living with chronic diseases or neurodegenerative conditions (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease and related diseases), caregivers, and geriatrics healthcare professionals. LUSAGE’s main objective is to contribute to the development of technology-based solutions that help improve autonomy and quality of life of older adults, particularly those living with cognitive impairment (Alzheimer’ disease and related dementias), and to support their informal and formal caregivers through ICT.


Main focus and expertise of LUSAGE are:

(1) Gerontechnology: design, development and assessment of assistive technology products and services for older adults (e.g. telehealth, context-aware applications, assistive robots). We have adapted traditional user-research methods to work effectively with older adults with cognitive impairment and/or little technology experience.

(2) End-user oriented research: End-users are involved throughout the entire product design and development cycle. Ethical analysis on the use of technology in this context is one of the fields of expertise of our LL.

(3) Large recruitment of end-users including healthy and frail older adults (4,500 consultations in the memory clinic, and 550-bed capacity). We have also built sustainable partnerships with a large network of stakeholders and industrials working in related initiatives at the regional, national and international level

(4) Affiliation to the Geriatrics Department of the AP-HP Broca Hospital, which provides medical and support services for the management of older adults living with chronic or acute conditions.

(5) Affiliation to the Paris Descartes University, which promotes collaboration with other academic laboratories (neurosciences, sociology, and philosophy). PhD and Post doc students are welcome at LUSAGE.

(6) Easily accessible facilities and infrastructure:

- Ecological settings: flexible physical environment that can be adapted to conduct ecological end-users observations (e.g., public health environment or home-like setting)

- Convenient location in the center of Paris, easy to reach by public transportation.


References and Track Record

Since 2005, LUSAGE is principal investigator or partner in several European projects funded by the European Commission (FP7, AAL), and at the national level by the Agence Nationale de la Recherche (ANR), the National Fund for Solidarity and Autonomy “Caisse Nationale de Solidarité pour l'Autonomie” (CNSA), the Region Ile-de-France, the Regional and National Programs for Clinic Research at French Hospitals (PHRC), the French National Plan for Alzheimer’s Disease, the France Alzheimer’s Association, and the Fundation Médéric Alzheimer, among others.

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