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1. Living Lab description

ENERGY & WATER - Greater Copenhagen Living Lab functions as mediators and facilitators of co-creation processes between stakeholders and citizens within two different LL-topics:

1)Educational partnerships based on the UN concept of Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) with focus on energy- and water supply, climate mitigation and adaptation, citizen involvement and behavior and climate adaptation in Greater Copenhagen.

 2)Local climate adaptation solutions in dense city areas with focus on citizen involvement and multi functional solutions that contributes to a sustainable city development – both nature based and traditional.

The LL consists of a Science Center dealing with education, a Collaboratorium focusing on citizen driven innovation in climate adaptation and a HOFOR Showroom sharing knowledge on utility and climate adaptation. The Living Lab has a strong emphasis on citizen involvement and implementation of innovation technologies. E&W is organized as a public/private partnership through its anchoring in The Municipality of Copenhagen and HOFOR - Greater Copenhagen Utility, but allows for multiple partnerships.

The objective of the ESD-living lab is to bridge the gap to the sustainable city by creating ESD-educational partnerships and by involving citizens in local climate adaptation.

As a educational partnership network hub, E&W contributes with innovation value by linking the educational sector with utility companies and environmental governance. Our services is to identify thematic areas lacking educational programmes. We can facilitate idea generation, idea selection and partnership building.

As a climate adaptation network hub, E&W contributes with Innovation value by linking citizens with test centers, bussinesses, NGO´s, utility companies and and environmental governance through demo cases. We can facilitate idea generation, idea selection and partnership building.


2. Project(s)

1. Involvement in the facilitation of Sharing Copenhagen, Brussels.

Objective: Putting ESD (Education for Sustainable Development) and involvement of children and youth on the European agenda.

Description: Handover event with European Commissioner for the Environment, Janez Potočnik, the European Commissioner for Climate Action, Connie Hedegaard and Copenhagen’s Children and Youth Mayor, Pia Allerslev.

Outcome: Involvement of children and youth becoming an official indicator 12a for winning the Green Capital Award.

2. Involvement of Children and youth in the design of climate adaptation solutions

Objective: to Involve children and youth in the planning and design of urban infrastructure and communicating climate adaptation initiatives to children and youth.

Description: Co-creation process of a climate adaptation demonstration project with children and youth combining a scate park and flood water storage basin.

Outcome: Micro demonstration project at a play ground.

3.CALL Copenhagen

Objective: To establish a regional climate adaptation living lab focussing on both tecnology, governance and citizen involvement, with central actors in the Greater Copenhagen area, and with ENERGY & WATER functioning as a facilitator for idea generation, idea selection, partnership building and showcasing demo cases.

Description: Initiating the establishment of a united climate adaptation living lab in Greater Copenhagen (CALL Copenhagen), based on a network of living labs and innovation hubs in Greater Copenhagen.

Outcome: The network partnership has been formed, and the process of establishing CALL Copenhagen is ongoing.

4. Mobile Science Center

Objective: To establish a Mobile Science Center unit as part of a educational partnership between the largest Waste-to-Energy-plant in Copenhagen (ARC) and the Environmental Services within the City of Copenhagen.

Description: Innovation, idea generation, partnership building, co-designing, priototyping and realizing the mobile science center.

Outcome: A mobile science center visiting schools and institutions in Greater Copenhagen, with a capacity of educating more than 5000 children and youth in environmental education.

5. Living Lab methods and tools:

The LL methods for both living lab activites are ddivinded into a number of phases, involving, data collection, co-design process, pilot project and a product.

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Energy & Water –Greater Copenhagen Living Lab is bridging the gap to the sustainable city by involving, educating and collaborating with citizens, children and youth to create a greener, liveable, resource efficient and climate resilient Copenhagen.