Digital Home Living Lab


Bruno de Latour



DHLL is hosted in a real house fully decorated and furnished, situated in a village in Normandy. The site consists of several buildings (dwelling, storage ...). It spreads on about 8000 m2 of land. The property is situated 8 minutes from Pont-L’Evêque and less than 20 minutes from Trouville-Deauville. The house is an authentic norman mansion from the 18th century. It is fully equipped with technological innovative products in the fields of home automation and IoT (internet of things).

Around 120 technical innovative @ connected products, systems and prototypes are showcased and can also be tested by consumers and installers. Following domains are covered: communication networks, intelligent heating management, remote monitoring and control of security, comfort (air quality and ambiences), control of automation (gate, locks), health surveillance, multiroom distribution of sound and images, robotics, climatology, interactive habitat, digital arts, etc.

Feedbacks from experimenters about uses, friendliness, ergonomy, design are solicited so that products and devices can be constantly ameliorated in a co- design approach.

Unique/special characteristics:

Our living lab provides truly real-life contexts for experimentations of technical systems and solutions as it is constituted by an authentic house. Thus the house itself regroups several thematic testbeds in which live scenarios can be implemented. Examples of experimentations that are planned: 

 o new smart electric meters located at the boundary of the property (with sniffer and sensor) to avoid overheating and fire

o integration of systems for senior people: automatic lock (Okidokeys) coupled to a motorized gate, to external lighting, to the alarm .... with scenarios "I'm leaving" and "I’m coming back" suitable for elderly, disabled people, etc.