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The Institute for Future Cities

City Observatory

The role of cities and their impact on our lives has never been more important. 

The Institute for Future Cities’ new City Observatory uses data to understand cities in new ways, to acting as a living lab it helps develop innovative approaches to solving urban problems (in areas such as crime, health and sustainability), and deliver positive outcomes for cities.

The City Observatory collects, manages and interprets data related to the urban environment. It uses data capture and analytic systems to enable Glasgow and other cities to understand their cities and systems, and how these interact more widely with regions, economies, communities, businesses and individuals.

Living labs

Glasgow and partner cities will act as living labs for testing new approaches to urban problems, providing real-time feedback. This will help facilitate sustainable urban development by allowing researchers, developers and policy makers to see how the city responds to new systems, identify optimal solutions and uncover future possibilities.


Our Data Tools

Offering a range of tools and access to open data sets, the Observatory offers a unique opportunity to capture, link, analyse and visualise data to aid decision-making, predictive modelling and more detailed understanding of urban problems.

The Observatory has a range of partnerships that help access key datasets worldwide, aligned to Future Cities themes such as health, sustainability, crime, transport and resilience.

Our Workspace

The Observatory living lab, based within the state-of-the-art Technology and Innovation Centre in Glasgow, UK, provides a physical hub for collaboration and innovation, utilising our multi-disciplinary and multi-sector partnerships.

The City Observatory is an integral part of Glasgow’s £24 million ‘Future City Demonstrator’ project, leading the UK in developing innovative solutions for cities of the future.