CforCare Living LAB


Marie Pierre Faure, PhD is CforCareTM Living LAB  founder & Director.








1. Living Lab description

CforCareTM Living LAB is providing integrated full spectrum public services with complementary private services in a fresh modern ambience at the forefront of technology and best practices.

CforCareTM Living LAB facilitates user influence in open and distributed innovation processes engaging all relevant partners in real-life contexts aiming to create sustainable values.

What we want to do:

Revolutionize the way people heal, feel and perform by translating raw cutting edge technology into practical everyday solutions that are easily accessible to everyone

Why we want do it:

Driven by our core team's collective passion for high technology and desire to build a unique organization with the potential for improving humanity and global scalability 

CforCareTM Living LAB is creating an innovative open community within Québec province in the field of health and healthcare (connected health, digital health, empowered patient, telemedicine).

Our Living LAB relies on the capacity of CforCareTM actors to go beyond their missions and foster interaction with different   stakeholders of the value chain.

The initiative is open to anyone that wants to take part in open innovations projects that will have wide impact on the community.

CforCareTM Living LAB initiative is to foster people-centred projects to promote experimentations and speed-up the time to market new health solution beneficial for patient health.

- Objectives and Innovation value (economical, societal, cultural). If you use any type of indicators/evidence based results please add some info.

- Benefits and Challenges

CforCareTM Living LAB is a partner with a leading multi disciplinary health center uniquely situated and strategically positioned for high growth in the heart of downtown Montreal. Participating in a unique project at the edge of clinical innovation with high impact and visibility. Offering a versatile platform and base of operations for spinning off into future highly scalable projects:

By partnering with select emerging technology companies and offering:  

  • An ideally suited medical centre with real patients as a living lab accelerator for fast tracking product development, adoption and optimal use
  • An exclusive location in the epicentre of Montreal for showcasing new technologies to the public through the  « Vitrine Santé Innovation de Montréal »
  • Access to our team of experienced health technologists

By offering:

  • An ideally suited medical center with real patients, user driven, as a living lab accelerator for fast tracking product development, adoption and optimal use
  • Access to our team of experienced health technologists
  • Access to our strong network of key contacts in the healthcare sector
  • A culture of innovation, excellence and integrity
  • Consulting in innovation that contributes to increased welfare in the public sector and increased growth in private companieS.
  • 2. Project(s) 

CforCareTM Living LAB process integrates both user-centred research and open innovation, is based on a maturity spiral concurrently involving a multidisciplinary team

in the following five main activities:

1.Co-creation bring together technology push and application pull into a diversity of views, constraints and knowledge sharing that sustains the ideation of new scenarios, concepts and related artefacts.  Some of our co-creation activities are in partnership with Montréal, Canada

2.Experimentation engages all stakeholders, especially user communities, at the earlier stage of the co-creation process for discovering emerging scenarios, usages and behaviours through live scenarios in real or virtual environments. Partnership with Vancouver, Canada

3.Evaluation assess new ideas and innovative concepts as well as related technological artefacts in real life situations through various dimensions such as socio-ergonomic, socio-cognitive and socio-economic aspects; make observations on the potentiality of a viral adoption of new concepts and related technological artefacts through a confrontation with users' value models. Collaboration and mentoring with in Portland, USA

4.Commercialisation, our group has been actively involved with the implementation of one of the best Quebec EMR MYLES from

5.Commercialisation partnership and open research with L’Oréal/ La Roche Posay Canada

Several innovative projects have emerged in Canada to support the specific needs of patients with chronic diseases and cancer, in particular the one on the national screening and e-triage skin cancer program and eco-system. This tele dermatology eco-system involves

L’Oreal-La Roche Posay, Montréal, Canada

  •, Toronto, Canada
  • health, Quebec, Canada and New York, USA


  • 3. Living Lab methods and tools:

CforCareTM Living LAB is relying on the Processes of “chaine de Valorisation” published by Manaf Bouchentouf and Franck Barès (HEC Montreal 2015)


CforCareTM Living LAB brings together interdisciplinary experts to develop, deploy, and test - in actual living eco-system – innovative technologies and strategies for design, product, Apps that respond to this

4. Your living lab or project in a box

 CforCareTM Living LAB is a 2,5 year project in the Montréal Metropolitan Area. It aims to establish an integrated eco-system, which supports the creation and the implementation of innovative health and care technologies.

In CforCareTM Living LAB care health companies, 3rd sector, public sector and universities work together in synergy with end-users in seeking solutions. In CforCare Living Lab the potential of ICT based technologies plays an important role and CforCare want to be a key player in local interoperability.