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Bekir Selcuk Temel, Basaksehir Municipality    +90 532 205 7232, 

Omer Onur, Orli Management Consulting          +90 532 608 2013,



Basaksehir Living Lab Istanbul sets an objective of (i) providing the environment for promoting development of innovative ICT products and services, (ii) establishing a modern, liveable, efficient and environment friendly living place which is inline with its vision, and (iii) being a good example for replication of similar Living Labs in other cities around Turkey .

The Living Lab has aimed to increase the life standards of the local society, the quality of Basaksehir city  and consciousness of urbanization by means of taking into consideration desires of the local citizen and society by a set of high and standardised innovative services for the local public as well as private organizations. Basaksehir Municipality, in accordance to these purposes regarding applying the quality, provide unconditioned customer satisfaction, education and control to all of its citizen and employees, by continuously improving and applying development facilities. One of the near future objectives is also to replicate similar Living Labs to other cities around Turkey.    



The founding and management team of BLL consists of Basaksehir Municipality, Orli Management Consulting, Tikle Mobile Applications & Services, The LifeCo Well-Being Services and ARA Research & Business Development Companies. These five organizations bring together a combination of technology, real life environments, applications, networks and business management experiences. The mission of Basaksehir Living Lab is "to be the supplier, the User Experience Center and the Market Place for Innovative ICT based Products and Services".  The offer of using BLL is open to all the citizens and SME’s in Basaksehir that have limited resources but innovative ideas. The Basaksehir Living Lab organization and its partners also provides the necessary business management support and guidance to the local innovators and developers. The Living Lab has the physical environment that motivates open innovation, the necessary tools and equipments to produce quality products, services or applications, and the large network of stakeholders and technology partners that provide the best business and technical competence and mentoring to the drivers of innovation in all the domains of the “smart cities” model in Basaksehir/Istanbul. 

References and Track Record

Below are some examples of innovative services provided to the public by BLL.

Support Card: This Smart Card provides spending money for certain products and services at certain locations for people in need. It is expected to develop this Smart card into a Citizen Card that will provide a variety of Smart City applications depending on citizen profile

Outdoor Security System (Mobese): This, first of its kind in Turkey, full HD street camera system provides high quality images while connects the municipality and police information databases to Police department for effective use of images. 

Geography Information System: This location based system enables access to location based information, by integrating e-map technology and location data from the Municipality Information System. A simple example is that the mayor has immediate access to information about the issues regards the street he is walking on via mobile devices.


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