Wave 2024

ENoLL’s contribution to advancing co-creative, human-centric and user-driven research over the years has grown tremendously. We are looking forward to expanding our member base in order to keep strengthening our network and empowering each of our members.


We kindly invite you to submit your application for membership to join our community of open innovation actors!


ENoLL counts today 163 active members from 40 countries located on five continents, with over 500 historically labeled members worldwide.


How to apply?


Step 1

Contact the ENoLL Office at enollnetwork@enoll.org to:

Receive the necessary application materials (Self-assessment tool and Qualitative Application Form)
Request a pro forma invoice for the evaluation fee of euro 600 (ex. VAT).

Please, also Provide the following information:

  • Living Lab name,
  • Host organisation name,
  • Host organisation legal address,
  • VAT number,
  • Website address,
  • Contact person details.


Step 2

Complete the self-assessment tool and qualitative application form within the specified timeframe.

  • Self-assessment tool – available HERE.
  • Qualitative Application Form – ENoLL Office shares the template via email.


Step 3

Pay the evaluation fee of 600 EUR (ex. VAT). Request a pro forma invoice at enollnetwork@enoll.org.


Step 4

Send the complete application materials to the ENoLL Office at enollnetwork@enoll.org.

Please attach:

A screenshot of the completed self-assessment
the qualitative application form with supplementary documentation (as a single PDF file).
the proof of payment of the evaluation fee of 600 EUR (ex. VAT).


Step 5 

Evaluation period – your membership application is assessed by three independent Living Lab experts. During this period, we may contact you to request additional information or clarifications. The evaluation outcome will be determined based on the scores and feedback received from all three evaluators. 


Step 6 

Formal approval of accepted members by the ENoLL General Assembly. 


Step 7 

The ENoLL Office communicates the final evaluation outcomes. Each applicant receives an individual feedback report containing details about the evaluation outcome and evaluators’ comments on all six ‘Evaluation Chapters’. The evaluation report also provides recommendations for improvements that can support the applicant’s growth in the future. 


Three possible evaluation outcomes: 

Acceptance as Adherent Member – your organisation is recognised as a sustainable Living Lab, meeting the established criteria set by ENoLL. It has successfully demonstrated its value and is invited to become a full ENoLL member. The certification as an Adherent Member is valid for 3 years. 

  • The cost of the Adherent Member membership of ENoLL is 700 EUR (ex. VAT) per year (2100 EUR for three years). 


Accepted to Grow Member – your organisation is progressing toward becoming a sustainable Living Lab. While there is significant potential for full ENoLL membership, there are still areas that require improvement. The certification as an Accepted to Grow Member is valid for 1 year. 

  • At the end of this yearly membership period, the Accepted to Grow member is encouraged to be re-evaluated (via the same process as during the initial application) to assess its progress and make the final decision about its growth and ability to become an Adherent Member. The cost for this re-evaluation is 600 EUR (ex. VAT). 
  • The certification as an Accepted to Grow Member obligates the member to mandatorily participate in the Virtual Learning Lab (VLL) course (at least one active team member, e.g., Living Lab manager). 
  • The cost of the Accepted to Grow member membership is €700 (ex. VAT) for a period of 1 year. This cost does not include the cost of participation in the Virtual Learning Lab course and the cost of re-evaluation. 


Rejection – if your application does not meet the acceptance criteria for “Adherent Member” or “Accepted to Grow Member”, it will be rejected. Reapplying can be done when the candidate fulfils the evaluators’ recommendations included in the feedback report and can prove its growth and sustainability in the re-evaluation. Re-application can be done via the same process as during the initial application. 


Step 8 

Organisations accepted as new members are officially welcomed to the ENoLL network and can take advantage of the full plethora of benefits associated with ENoLL membership. 


Important dates


Organisations can continually apply to become ENoLL members; however, there are two ‘Evaluation Blocks’ during which the applications are assessed: 

  • Evaluation Block 1: March 31 – May 31, 
  • Evaluation Block 2: October 15 – December 15. 

During these periods, the assessment by three independent evaluators and the decision-making process on acceptance take place. 

Therefore, applicants should complete their self-assessment, qualitative application form, and pay the evaluation fee before the application deadline: 

  • March 31 (deadline for Block 1 applications), 
  • October 15 (deadline for Block 2 applications). 


Evaluation process


The harmonised Living Lab evaluation framework developed by ENoLL consists of 15 evaluation criteria clustered into six ‘Evaluation Chapters’, namely: Strategy, Operations, Openness, Users & Reality, Impact & Value, Stability & Harmonization.


  1. Strategy: this chapter addresses macro-level aspects of a Living Lab, more particularly:
    • Governance of the Living Lab,
    • Business Model/Plan,
    • Living Lab ecosystem and collaborations.
  1. Operations: this chapter examines how the Living Lab manages its operations. The following criteria are included in this chapter:
    • Human resources,
    • Projects,
    • Equipment & Infrastructures.
  1. Openness: this chapter investigates the openness of the Living Lab, more particularly:
    • Innovation Partnerships, projects and processes,
    • Ownership of results.
  1. Users & Reality: this chapter examines how collaboration with users occurs in the real-life context. The following criteria are included in this chapter:
    • User centricity,
    • Lifecycle & real-life,
    • Tools & methods.
  1. Value & Impact: this chapter assesses the development of co-created values, along with investigating different impact clusters of the Living Lab. The following criteria are included in this chapter:
    • Co-created values,
    • Impacts,
    • Communication
  1. Stability & Harmonization: this chapter focuses on the financial stability of a Living Lab from a macro-level perspective. It also examines the harmonization and replication of strategic and operational aspects of a Living Lab. The following criteria are included in this chapter:
    • Stability and scale-up.


Please consult the Application guidelines wave 2024 brochure for more information on the evaluation criteria and frequently asked questions.



Torino City Lab (Italy) – 5G towards 6G for Citiverse: How AI, IoT, Blockchain, and XR are driving urban innovation in future Cities & Communities

Tuesday, 18 Jun 2024
Turin, Italy
The international event will take place in Torino on June 18th, 2024 and will be focused on showcasing and promoting the debate among Public Authorities, Research and Industry on concrete advancements in the application of 5 to 6G emerging technologies solutions for urban innovation towards the upcoming European paradigm of “CitiVerse”.

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