The Nature of Cities Summit

Location:Paris, France
Date:04.06.2019 - 07.06.2019

It is through collaboration that we can make an impact that is greater than any one of us could achieve alone. In this spirit, the TNOC Summit is altogether a new creation. The TNOC Summit is where thought leaders, from communities of practice, policy, and academia come together in a truly integrated and collaborative event to think, learn, create and build in interactive sessions. The key goal of the TNOC Summit is to spark conversations that build a movement – a new collaborative movement for green cities that are just, liveable, resilient, and sustainable.


Thematic Drivers

The summit will have five integrated thematic pillars: justice, livability, health, resilience, and sustainability. Sessions will be organized around these five urban goals, focused on specific local challenges, but always mixing disciplines, points of view, ways of knowing, and modes of action. The key overarching challenge for every session is: How can collaboration inform dialogue and propel better cities?



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