MED Creativity for Inclusive Innovation

Location:Palermo, Italy

The Social&Creative Community organizes the international seminar “MED creativity for inclusive innovation” on October 19, 2018 in Palermo, within Vestino festival.


Creativity is a central feature mediterranean life and an essential component of its economy in many ways that are currently being explored by ongoing initiatives in the Social&Creative Community of the EU’s Interreg MED Programme. In particular, the CreativeWear project is developing a network of Creative Hubs to build new forms of collaboration between individual creatives and the textile and clothing industry. Vestino 2018, a city-wide celebration of creativity in textile and clothing held in Palermo on October 19-22, is one example of this approach.


ENoLL will be present in this meeting facilitating encounters, supporting knowledge transfer and testing co-creation techniques amongst Mediterranean creatives.


For more information on the event click here.



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