Social Impact of AI AOTF at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Location:Barcelona, Spain

Join the event of the “ENoLL Action-oriented Task Force on Social Impact of AI” on  WEDNESDAY 26th FEBRUARY from 14:15 to 15:15 in the central auditorium of the MWCapital (CS40). 


The ENoLL Action-oriented Task Forces are the main entry point for hot topics where the ENoLL community is particularly active and/or holds a leading role within their regional ecosystems or globally.  ENoLL has built tremendous expertise in the area of co-creation and collaboration methods and is well-positioned to explore and engage with emerging approaches that aim to integrate for example core impact-related concerns such as ethics (“ethics-by-design”) and explainability into the creation of AI-based systems.


Information about Mobile World Congress:


For more information about the session or if you wish to actively participate, contact 





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