Social Impact of AI AOTF at Mobile World Congress Barcelona

Location:Barcelona, Spain

Join the event of the “ENoLL Action-oriented Task Force on Social Impact of AI” on  WEDNESDAY 26th FEBRUARY from 14:15 to 15:15 in the central auditorium of the MWCapital (CS40). 


The ENoLL Action-oriented Task Forces are the main entry point for hot topics where the ENoLL community is particularly active and/or holds a leading role within their regional ecosystems or globally.  ENoLL has built tremendous expertise in the area of co-creation and collaboration methods and is well-positioned to explore and engage with emerging approaches that aim to integrate for example core impact-related concerns such as ethics (“ethics-by-design”) and explainability into the creation of AI-based systems.


Information about Mobile World Congress:


For more information about the session or if you wish to actively participate, contact 





Evaluation Model for Innovation Center

Thursday, 26 Jan 2023
Organized together with the Future Center Alliance Japan.

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