Regional Living Lab Summit

Location:Istanbul, Turkey
Date:04.12.2019 - 05.12.2019

Başakşehir Municipality, Başakşehir Living Lab (BLL) and Bahçeşehir University are hosting the 2nd REGIONAL LIVING LAB SUMMIT- RLLS” in Istanbul during 04/05 December 2019. The aim of the summit is to form a creative eco-system model for Living Labs that empowers collaboration between local authorities, universities and users of innovations.


Başakşehir Municipality and Başakşehir  Living Lab are the leading organizations to empower the development of this innovation enviroment. They are willing  to organize this summit every year to ensure growth of the innovation eco-system and development of future road maps.


Innovative development can be successful with the decision power, the policies and the commitments of mainly municipalities and goverments supported by public private and academic innovation eco-systems.  Istanbul is a metropol city with a “creative innovation eco-system” of more than 60 various kinds of hubs.


Living Labs are becoming “facilitators of co-creativity and implementation of valuable products and services” for the cities. And hence empowering local governments for creating new business and services locally, while adding economic, social and political power to countries. There are dramatic paradoxes between creativity and the bureaucracy. Living Labs have a chance to break these paradoxes.  Living Labs can realize this through involving all the stakeholders in the idea development, planning and implementation stages.


The 2nd REGIONAL LIVING LAB SUMMIT 2019 will be realized with the participation of mayors, academicians, representatives from, ENoLL, EU and financial institutions as well as living lab experts.





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