Location:Turino, Italy
Date:20.09.2018 - 21.09.2018

OIS 2018 will explore the key enabling factors of cities’ capacity to innovate, prosper and share the benefits of growth with all.
OIS 2018 will bring together leaders from governments, cities, corporates and civil society organisations to share successful practices, models and ideas, in the spirit of mutual learning and exchange.


ENoLL Member Torino City Lab will host two sessions:


16.30 – 19.00: THIRD SESSION – City Lab

The session will host two connected panels: a roundtable hosted by the City of Turin to confront on the model of its forthcoming “ Torino City Lab” initiative, and an arena between large companies and start ups engaged in a discussion about open innovation, cities as testing grounds and the future of the Smart City.


16.30 – 18.00: Torino City Lab

After the development of several sectoral “Living Lab pilots” in the field of “civic technologies” applied to urban environment at the district since early 2016, the Torino is aiming to scale this experience towards a new and improved administrative and policy framework called “Torino City Lab”. The shift will be in brief from sectoral living labs managed through periodical “Call for testbeds” to an “always open” framework specifically aimed at providing real-life testing environments for “frontier innovation” in smart cities.


The objective of this session is then to open the confrontation in a multi stakeholder perspective and with a view to other EU and extra-EU experiences to fine tune the operational model of “Torino City Lab” which will be launched in October 2018.






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