Nordic Edge

Location:Stavanger, Norway
Date:25.09.2018 - 27.09.2018

By bringing together the best thinkers and the best doers, Nordic Edge Expo will be a not-to-be-missed arena for ideas exchange, inspiration, insights and action.


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ENoLL is joining forces with Eindhoven, Groningen, Stavanger and ERRIN to prepare a co-creation workshop in the frame of UNALAB project.


The workshop ‘Co-creating Smart Nature-based Liveable Spaces – Necessary Solutions for Real-life Challenges’ is part of the Nordic Edge Expo & Conference 2018 and will take place on 26th September in Stavanger, Norway. This interactive workshop will bring together relevant stakeholders from municipalities, academia and businesses to address real life climate issues, which today’s European smart cities are facing. Through a facilitated gamified co-creation tool – the CoCo-toolkit, participants will explore pre-selected urban challenges.




CHALLENGE 1: Mitigating the effects of excess surface water from the Ullandhaug catchment area during extreme rain events by Stavanger city council

Challenge Topic Flooding

Scale of the challenge District

Description of Challenge

Plan and establish workable nature-based solutions to ameliorate the effects of flooding in a steeply sloping area with high rainfall.



CHALLENGE 2: Reduction of environmental impacts of medium-sized cities as Lemgo by implementing smart sensors and actors by Fraunhofer IOSB-INA Industrial Automation branch, Lemgo

Challenge Topic Environmental Monitoring

Scale of the Challenge All medium-sized cities in Germany and in Europe

Description of the Challenge

Continual recording and evaluation of environmental data to allow a serious and unemotional public discussion about the impacts of environmental factors based on hard facts. As part of the LEMGO DIGITAL initiative, the Fraunhofer IOSB-INA will expand the city centre of the Old Hanseatic City Lemgo into an open test and hands-on laboratory (Living Lab). The goal is digital innovations for everyday life based on the Internet of Things (IoT). The innovation platform will be used by researchers, municipalities and industry in the future together with citizens.



CHALLENGE 3: Mobility as a service: how to widen the scope of sustainable and efficient means of transportations in Greater Geneva area? by SnailMob

Challenge Topic Well-being, Densification, Pollution

Scale of the Challenge City

Description of the Challenge We believe in the need to find alternative, more innovative solutions, and promote the legal and infrastructure changes needed to implement them. There is an enormous potential to bring significative improvement to mobility efficiency and safety, well-being, noise reduction, air quality, traffic congestions, frustration levels, city attractivity, and more.



CHALLENGE 4: How nature-based solutions can support circular systems in city blocks? by City of Tampere

Name of Challenge How nature-based solutions can support circular systems in city blocks?

Challenge Topic Scarcity, Densification

Scale of the Challenge Neighbourhood

Description of the Challenge

City of Tampere is growing, and city centre is becoming denser. This densification leads into small, multi-layer and multi-functional urban grounds, which should serve e.g. recreation/health, water management and traffic/parking. In addition, these grounds should not waste resources (e.g. energy, water, nutrients). In densifying city, gardens are often built on top of underground car parking, which limits carrying capacity and possibilities to infiltrate storm waters. Furthermore, water/nutrient recycling has not taken place so far in urban blocks and maintenance has difficulties to cope with multifunctional gardens.


Summary of the challenges can be seen here:





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