Metropolis: by Light

Location:Copenhagen, Denmark and Malmö, Sweden
Date:12.09.2018 - 23.09.2018

Metropolis: by Light is the unique result of a collaboration between cities, universities and companies in Greater Copenhagen, to develop, test, research and demonstrate intelligent & human centric lighting solutions.


During the event we will also officially open the Lighting Metropolis living lab in Greater Copenhagen. The new living lab will work as a strong complement to DOLL, as it’s geographically more spread out and is based on cross-regional collaborations.


The conference has, among others, four acclaimed keynote speakers, guided tours of the new living lab, roundtable talks to drive the political agenda forward – and concludes with a 10-day major lighting event to show what light can do for a city’s social sustainability.


At Metropolis: by Light you will meet speakers fom the visionary cities, cutting edge researchers and industry leaders who are transforming the region into a world-leading living lab, as well as getting the opportunity to tour the lab and get first-hand experience of the innovative solutions, such as:

  • Office building of the future
  • Light for learning
  • Light for safety & security
  • Light for place-branding
    Plus many more





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