Mediterranean Innovation comes to Brussels: Bringing creative minds together

Location:Brussels, Belgium

ENoLL, as a partner in TALIA, is inviting you to join us in Brussels on 7th May for a networking event between two creative and complementary communities of practice: the Med Creative Community (TALIA project partners & Modular Projects) and the Belgian Creative ecosystem, represented by Creative Ring and De Krook. The host, Hub.Brussels is an exceptional location where co-creation, collaboration, and creativity come together through their main Living Lab project: Living.Hub


What is the event about?

In a nutshell, the aim of the event is to increase transnational activity and knowledge exchange between creative clusters and networks in the Mediterranean and Belgium. This is a powerful approach deeply rooted in the concept of inclusive growth in moving towards a more collaborative and creative Europe. In this sense, the role of ENoLL in TALIA is of key importance in connecting the Med area with the ‘heart of Europe’ and other creative communities across the continent.


This event will be an opportunity for you to network and learn, create new contacts, discover new sources of creativity and expand the possibilities for future transnational project collaboration.


You can register now here:



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