Location:Valderrubio (Granada), Spain
Date:16.06.2018 - 16.06.2018

A collaborative experience to discover, learn, explore and share new skills while developing a videogame with social and educative purpose. 30 kids under 14 years grouped in 10 teams will share a complete journey developing low skilled videogames based on Scratch aiming to awake vocations, spark creative thinking and promote competence training.


This event is one more piece of the big picture representing the project: “JAMTODAY ANDALUCIA”

This is the way the ‘narrative’ of the project is traced: low skilled users are trained in basic game (creativity, narrative, graphic design) and videogame (Scratch) skills and prepared to share game jams ( www.jamtodayalmeria.com ; www.jamtodaygranada.com ) with creative, professional developers and experts. We are experiencing that users participating as novel users have the opportunity to create synergies, contacts and competences to spark motivations and evolve to a professional career in the game and videogame sector. And this is what we use to name as: “the narrative of the participant”:



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