Location:Granada, Spain
Date:05.10.2018 - 07.10.2018

What is JamToday Granada?: it is a contextualized event, taking place yearly in Granada (a location in South Spain) aiming creation, implementation and development of educative games.


Different actors and stakeholders are joined (game development companies, educative and creative profiles, public sector, municipalities, Living Labs entities, etc.) to run an event called “Game Jam”. A Game Jam is a kind of contest similar to a Hackathon but concerning games development: 2 or 3 days where different groups develop a game prototype according to a defined topic.


More than 100 participants in the last edition!!


Website and registering: http://www.jamtodayandalucia.com/
Video: https://youtu.be/T4oychRJbGI
Twitter: @jamtodayAND
Hashtag: #JamTodayGR2

Creativity, design and new training models as a mean to open new innovation tracks on young people.



Social & Creative final conference

Wednesday, 05 Oct 2022
Larissa, Greece
In this final conference, the Social&Creative Community aims to show the activities carried out locally to revive the cultural and creative sector and support the uptake of methods and tool at policy level

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