Imagining the Green Cities of the Future: Global Cases – Workshop

Date:14.03.2024 - 14.03.2024

In envisioning the cities of the future, the imperative of sustainability stands as a beacon guiding our collective efforts. The transition to green cities is not merely a technological or infrastructural endeavor; it’s a socio-economic and environmental imperative that requires collaboration and foresight. One innovative approach to catalyze this transition is through participatory workshops where stakeholders immerse themselves in envisioning and strategizing the green cities of tomorrow.


This is a role-play where each participant will embody a key figure in society. Together, we will collaboratively craft strategies aimed at fostering a sustainable future by envisioning the world in 2050. The focus lies on various cities worldwide, each poised for a green transition. Through dialogue and negotiation, the aim is to forge agreements that pave the way for necessary actions and initiatives. The workshop sets its gaze on the year 2050, a quarter-century ahead, challenging participants to navigate the complexities of urban life amidst the imperative of sustainability. By exploring different cities worldwide, participants delve into the nuanced challenges and opportunities inherent in diverse socio-cultural and geographical contexts. As participants immerse themselves in the role-play, they confront the multifaceted challenges impeding the transition to sustainable urban living. From resource scarcity to social equity, from urban sprawl to environmental degradation, the workshop serves as a crucible for dialogue and problem-solving.

While the workshop may not furnish participants with all-encompassing solutions, it equips them with the tools and skills necessary to navigate the complexities of sustainability in their respective domains. By fostering a deeper understanding of the imperative of sustainability, the workshop empowers participants to champion green initiatives in their careers and professional endeavors, thereby catalyzing transformative change.




  • 10′ Welcome & introduction of facilitators, explanation of the workshop’s operation and methodology, and participants’ division into small working groups.
  • 45′ Group work to discuss challenges and propose thematic actions and strategies to address them in each respective city.
  • 30′ Presentation of each group’s results and a brief group discussion to gather input.
  • 5′ Acknowledgment and closure




Rubén Ruiz (Anthesis Lavola)

Ferran Martínez Villena (Anthesis Lavola)

Marc Patrice Oriol (Anthesis Lavola)



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