Health Tech Living Lab Summit

Location:Tallinn, Estonia
Date:12.03.2020 - 13.03.2020


This seminar/webinar will shed fresh light on the otherwise foggy concept of a living lab. The partnership has decoded the transnational aspect of the matter. Cross-border testing and end-user involvement in the product development help the enterprises to enter export markets. What could be the functioning business model for the testing facility to provide this service? We are proud to present our conclusions and the self-assessment tool to monitor living lab progress. Recommendations for the development of living labs and quatro helix collaboration will be presented. You will also hear about our findings from carrying out pilot tests in 14 health living labs, all with a different niche and development stage.


The event brings together health technology companies, researchers, healthcare service providers, patient associations and other key stakeholders by providing a forum for discussion about the challenges in open innovation and collaboration between stakeholders.

The growth of digital solutions in healthcare continues to have a significantly greater impact on citizens’ lives. Dynamic technological solutions create new possibilities that serve the person rather than the disease. However, the process of open innovation and testing in the healthcare institutions cannot always keep up with the pace of progress, the potential is currently underdeveloped and underused.

Digital healthcare solutions often lack sufficient clinical validation and trust of the potential users. Solutions lack the implementation practice required to make them scalable. The seminar shares approaches to clinical validation, evidence-based implementation as well as lessons learned from real-world testing of scalable digital solutions.





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