From planning to monitoring: Resources to advance the adoption of Nature-based Solutions in your city

Date:24.11.2020 - 26.11.2020

Nature-based solutions (NBS) are gaining ground as cities across the world face increased urban sustainability challenges, including natural disasters, the disruption of ecosystem services, and associated health and well-being issues. Despite the numerous co-benefits of NBS, many cities find the adoption of NBS and linked processes challenging.

The UNaLab project aims to inspire cities and share knowledge and tools to support the different NBS implementation phases by presenting our resources and experiences in a series of five webinars across three days. The UNaLab processes and tools support the adaptive management of NBS. The webinar series sessions are organised around the adaptive management cycle (or PDCA-cycle) to highlight the applicability of available tools to the various phases of NBS implementation.


The UNaLab project will kick off the webinar series by guiding you through the planning phase where we address questions related to the set-up of Urban Living Labs (webinar 1) as well as different governance barriers and actions, and innovative financing options (webinar 2).

Then, heading towards the NBS implementation phase, we will discuss different co-creation tools and citizen involvement methods (webinar 3). In this phase, we will also learn how to use available data to create different scenarios to support and empower local decision-making (webinar 4). Finally, we will address NBS performance and impact monitoring and tools to evaluate implemented NBS (webinar 5).





Health and Wellbeing Living Lab symposium

Tuesday, 20 Feb 2024
Brussels, Belgium
The VITALISE consortium together with ENoLL are glad to announce the organization of the event entitled “Health and Wellbeing Living Lab symposium” that will be held in Brussels, Belgium on the 20th of February 2024.

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