Experts Workshop: EntreComp and Living Labs

Location:Sevilla, Spain
Date:03.10.2018 - 03.10.2018

This workshop aims to present the EntreComp Framework and to contextualize it into a Living Lab network as Guadalinfo is. By producing a common definition of what entrepreneurship as a competence is, the framework aims to establish a bridge between the worlds of education and work.

Guadalinfo is working on evolving the strategic support to entrepreneurship, considering the potential of developing human competences instead of only accelerating start-ups. Sparking creativity and designing methologies on the basis of the quadruple helix innovation model, confer a Living lab a predominant position on developing entrepreneurship competences among citizenship.


Draft agenda:


  • State of the art and entrepreneurship opportunities
  • EntreComp into action
  • Using EntreComp
  • Competences mapping in Guadalinfo
  • How to tackle vulnerabilities
  • How to assess the impact
  • Moving forward: new action lines



JRC Science Hub



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