Evaluation Model for Innovation Center

We are happy to announce the EMIC (Evaluation Model for Innovation Centers) Workshop organized together with the Future Center Alliance Japan. It will be an amazing opportunity to meet and share knowledge and experiences about innovation ecosystem in which the quadruple helix approach can take place and facilitate the resolution of complex social issues.
This initiative is the result of a 5-year Partnership Agreement with the FCAJ and of the work done by it in the last years. It has been conducting research on innovation places for many years and in 2019 it developed an evaluation model for innovation centres/places (EMIC). In 2020 it conducted EMIC survey of approximately 90 places in Japan and overseas, and disseminate the results to society. As more and more innovation centres/places are being established these days, in 2021, it conducted a benchmark survey of 10 domestic and overseas centres based on the EMIC frame under the theme of “the evolution of place”. As a result, the following directions were identified:
(1) Evolving places in a way that is open to society, and
(2) Forming a knowledge economy ecosystem based in cities that has points of contact with customers and society.
Based on these insights, we will discuss together mechanisms for co-creating an innovation ecosystem in industry, government, academia, and citizens to solve social issues through contact with customers and society in the city.
And to our great pleasure, this workshop also gives us the opportunity to renew the MoU with Future Center Alliance Japan.
The workshop will take place on the 26th of January at 9:00 AM CET. It is free for ENoLL Members.
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