Cross-border co-creation Living Laboratories for Local development

Location:Brussels Convention Centre, Room Silver hall, Brussels, Belgium Time: 11:30 to 12:30
How can co-creation improve the definition and implementation of local and cross-border development policies? This workshop will begin by presenting the European Network of Living Labs co-creation expertise and experiences with local development as well as transnational living labs. This will be accompanied by the experience gained by the PITER GRAIES Lab – Integrated Territorial Plan “Active, Innovative and Solidly Rural Generations” on the Italy-France cross-border cooperation programme Interreg Alcotra. Goal: to make rural areas attractive (governance, services, mobility, work, economy) for new populations and generations. Strategy: co-creating solutions and skills with the territories, in an integrated, innovative and sustainable (living laboratories) way.


 Q+A sessions

Moderator: Zsuzsanna Bodi (ENoLL Director)
 Tiziana Fiorini , Fernando Vilariño (ENoLL Chairman of the Executive Board)
 Territorial development (regional, urban, rural)
 Metropolitan City of Turin
 english (en)
 Building SQUARE – Brussels Convention Centre, Room Silver hall





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