CALL FOR ARTICLES: Open Innovation for Sustainability: An Urban Perspective


This Special Issue aims to collect two different kinds of contributions:

  • Articles describing how open innovation models, frameworks and findings can help address sustainability challenges within cities. They may include:
    • Research on a particular city sustainability challenge examined from the perspective of open innovation.
    • Conceptual and theoretical frameworks illustrating how open innovation can contribute to enhance the development of solutions to address sustainable development challenges in cities.
    • Empirical city sustainability research based on quantitative, qualitative, or mixed methods, addressing and illustrating the benefits of drawing on open innovation. Cases analysed by adopting a process theory approach (e.g. Langley, 2009) are particularly welcomed.
    • Comparative and analytical studies on urban cases, projects and initiatives responding to sustainable challenges with open innovation approaches.
  • Empirical cases of innovation projects concerning the sustainability of cities, which can provide useful insights into open innovation practices and methodologies. They may include:
    • Urban projects and initiatives that address global sustainability challenges and are able to describe or capture peculiar aspects of open innovation in urban environments.
    • Specific solutions implemented or experimented in cities, which clearly represent the outputs (products or services) of open innovation processes oriented to global challenges and aiming at shifting towards sustainability.
Deadline for manuscript submissions: 31 December 2018
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