Evdokimos Konstantinidis


Living Lab



Health Living Lab facilitator


He received his Ph.D. degree in Medical Informatics in 2015. He is member of the ENoLL’s Health Experts Group leading team and he supported the establishment of the Thess-AHALL Living Lab as well as research and innovation funds raising. As the product manager of Nively SME, he works on understanding and forwarding the SME’s needs to Thess-AHALL as well as experimenting with the corresponding provided approaches, linking demand and offer through knowledge transfer. Recent research interests focus on intervention for elderly in the field of exergaming and IoT technologies, living labs and datasets sharing mechanisms as well as indoor monitoring in AAL environments. He worked on the design of a transnational collaborative platform for serious game development with and for older people which received the 3rd place at the ENoLL Best Living Lab Project Award 2016. He is the technical coordinator of the CAPTAIN H2020 project, deputy technical manager of the SmokeFreeBrain H2020 project and he works in the UNCAP and i-Prognosis H2020 projects. He is a Leader of Silver Technologies Research Group / Product Manager at Nively.

Capacity Building Program



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