Gendered Responsive Smart Innovation and Entrepreneurship


Women remain disproportionately under-represented among innovators and start-up entrepreneurs, while the integration of the gender dimension into product design, technologies and innovation in general, remains very limited despite its potential for opening new markets and for solving global challenges and European priorities. Moreover, the EU reports that a higher proportion of research organisations with a gender equality plan in a given country is similarly correlated with a higher innovation score.

In order to address this challenge, ENoLL is pleased to announce the launch of a Working Group (WG) on Gendered Responsive Smart Innovation and Entrepreneurship. This new WG aims to increase gendered innovation in the EU, and benefits from ongoing research and practice of the Gendered Innovation Living Labs (GILL) project. Preliminary findings highlight that there is a notable absence of in-depth analysis regarding the diversity among female entrepreneurs, as well as a lag of AI and digital transition research related to gender in term of trends, as opposed to the fields of health and green transition; a lack of gender-responsive policies and plans in regulatory instruments and decision-making processes; or cultural barriers stemming from unconscious bias and stereotypes.

Potential stakeholders from the quadruple helix, members of the ENoLL community as well as externals, are invited to submit their interest to join the WG on Gendered Innovation. Members of the WG will have the mission to consolidate and align the Living Labs in the gender and innovation sectors across Europe, share best practices, methods and tools and develop new ones, raise standards and inspire others to include gendered innovations in their Living Labs initiatives as well as establish a space for collaboration and open innovation.

The WG on Gendered Innovation intends to kick-off soon and will boost cooperation among their members for peer-to-peer capacity building, organization of regular seminars, consortium building and proposal writing for short-, medium-, and long-term EU funding opportunities, joint publications, and mentorships. Please submit your interest by registering here. ENoLL team will get into contact to explore the suitability of the profiles, ensuring this way a diverse group with balanced representation from academia, industry, policy and civil society.

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