Open science: from values ​​to practice. Building a roadmap for transformative change

Location:Barcelona, Spain
Date:04.10.2018 - 05.10.2018

Open Science (Open Science) is a movement that aims to share scientific research and its data in all civil society, reinforcing the idea of scientific knowledge as a public good and taking advantage of the possibilities offered by new digital technologies to disseminate and facilitate access to scientific knowledge. Includes open access to publications, data, codes, methodologies, ethics and integrity, open evaluation of research, educational resources with the participation of various interest groups in research . The Open Science is implemented in parallel with the responsible research and innovation (RRI) since they share some of the objectives and both movements are driven by different scientific communities, governments and the European Commission.


 The objective of this act is to start building a roadmap for the practice of Open Science with the collaboration of national and international experts from different disciplines and the exchange of knowledge and good practices among the participants.


We will focus on four main strands of Open Science:

1) Open access;

2) Integrity and reproducibility of research; 

3) Evaluation of research; and

4) Involvement of interest groups . 



The event itself will be an experience of co-creation from work sessions dedicated to generating specific recommendations with the contribution of all relevant stakeholders.


The target audience is the academic scientific community and the industry, political and financial leaders, civil society organizations and the educational community. The main result of this B · Debate will be a list of actions with the possibility of becoming a vital guide for the implementation of the Sciences Oberta in Catalonia and Spain. This will include specific recommendations for different interest groups, as has been done in other countries such as the Netherlands or Portugal.


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