LC-SC3-CC-1-2018-2019-2020: Social Sciences and Humanities (SSH) aspects of the Clean-Energy Transition

Deadline: 6 Sept 2018 Budget: 10 million € (2018) Open Innovation Criteria: user involvement, prosumers, social innovation, Quadruple Helix Innovation […]

LC-SC3-EC-1-2018-2019-2020: The role of consumers in changing the market through informed decision and collective actions

Deadline: 4 Sept 2018, 3 Sept 2019 Budget: 5 million € (2018), 5 million € (2019) Open Innovation Criteria: user […]

LC-SC3-EE-17-2019: European City facility – European Cities as key innovation hubs to unlock finance for energy efficiency

Deadline: 05 Feb 2019 Budget: 11 million € Open Innovation Criteria: smart cities   Specific Challenge: Mobilising investment in energy […]

LC-SC3-EE-4-2019-2020: Upgrading smartness of existing buildings through innovations for legacy equipment

Deadline: 3 Sept 2019 Budget: 10 million € Open Innovation Criteria: user involvement, stakeholder collaboration   Specific Challenge: Proposals should […]



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