RUR-16-2019: Fuelling the potential of advisors for innovation

Deadline: 23 Jan 2019 Budget: 5 million € Open Innovation Criteria: user involvement   Scope: Activities shall aim at networking […]

CE-RUR-10-2019: Circular bio-based business models for rural communities

Deadline: 23 Jan 2019 Budget: 20 million € Open Innovation Criteria: user involvement, multi-actor approach Scope: Based on an established […]

SFS-31-2019: ERANETs in agri-food

Deadline: 23 Jan 2019 Budget: 21 million € Open Innovation Criteria: development of ICT platforms, multi-actor approach   Scope: A.ICT-enabled […]

DT-SFS-26-2019: Food Cloud demonstrators

Deadline: 23 Jan 2019 Budget: 10 million € Open Innovation Criteria: Open Data, Open Science, Demonstrator   Scope: The European […]

CE-SFS-24-2019: Innovative and citizen-driven food system approaches in cities

Deadline: 23 Jan 2019 Budget: 12 million € Open Innovation Criteria: user involvement, innovation platform for prototyping, testing and demonstrating, […]

SFS-23-2019: Integrated water management in small agricultural catchments

Deadline: 23 Jan 2019 (1st Stage) | 04 Sep 2019 (2nd Stage) Budget: 14 million € Open Innovation Criteria: Quadruple […]



Journal of Justice and Sustainability: Call for Papers

Sunday, 15 May 2022
Living Labs: Perspectives on Regenerative Approaches for Place-Based Socio-Ecological Transitions

Call for Workshops at OpenLivingLab Days

Sunday, 22 May 2022
Deadline for submissions

Call for Papers at OpenLivingLab Days

Sunday, 22 May 2022
Deadline for submissions

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