DT-TDS-01-2019: Smart and healthy living at home

Deadline: 14 Nov 2018 Budget: 60 million € Open Innovation Criteria: ICT, pilot demonstration, open platform   Scope: A mix […]

SC1-HCC-05-2018: Support to a Digital Health and Care Innovation initiative in the context of Digital Single Market strategy

Deadline: 24 April 2018 Budget: 4 million € Open Innovation Criteria: citizen involvement, Quadruple Helix   Specific Challenge: The Communication […]

SC1-HCC-04-2018: Digital health and care services – support for strategy and (early) adoption

Deadline: 24 April 2018 Budget: 3 million € Open Innovation Criteria: ecosystem, stakeholder collaboration   Scope: Create favourable framework conditions […]

SC1-HCC-03-2018: Support to further development of international cooperation in digital transformation of health and care

Deadline: 24 April 2018 Budget: 2 million € Open Innovation Criteria: digital solutions, multi-stakeholder engagement   Scope: The action should […]

SC1-HCC-02-2019: Support for the large-scale uptake of open service platforms in the Active and Healthy Ageing domain

Deadline: 24 April 2019 Budget: 1,5 million € Open Innovation Criteria: open platform     Scope: Proposals should deliver an […]

SC1-DTH-11-2019: Large Scale pilots of personalised & outcome based integrated care

Deadline: 24 April 2019 Budget: 20 million € Open Innovation Criteria: user involvement   Scope: The scope of this topic […]

SC1-DTH-10-2019-2020: Digital health and care services

Deadline: 14 November 2018 Budget: 22 million € Open Innovation Criteria: user involvement, quadruple helix cooperation   Scope: Support the […]

SC1-DTH-08-2018: Prototyping a European interoperable Electronic Health Record (EHR) exchange

Deadline: 24 April 2018 Budget: 30 million € Open Innovation Criteria: user involvement, Quadruple Helix cooperation   Scope: The focus […]

SC1-DTH-03-2018: Adaptive smart working and living environments supporting active and healthy ageing

Deadline: 24 April 2018 Budget: 25 million € Open Innovation Criteria: user involvement   Scope: Proposals should develop and validate […]

SC1-DTH-01-2019: Big data and Artificial Intelligence for monitoring health status and quality of life after the cancer treatment

Deadline: 24 April 2019 Budget: 35 million € Open Innovation Criteria: user involvement   Scope: Proposals should focus and deliver […]

SC1-BHC-25-2019: Demonstration pilots for implementation of personalised medicine in healthcare

Deadline: 02 Oct 2018 (1st Stage) | 16 Apr 2019 (2nd Stage) Budget: 60 million € Open Innovation Criteria: Pilots, […]



WATER-MINING Market & Policy Workshop

Tuesday, 07 Feb 2023
Brussels, Belgium
Designed for stakeholders interested in business models and policy measures supporting innovative circular water technologies

Water Projects Europe

Tuesday, 14 Feb 2023

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