The ENoLL - international, non-profit association, was established during the 2006 Finnish EU Presidency. The legal representative entity of the network, was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Brussels, at the heart of Europe. ENoLL supports the evolution and the uptake of the Living Lab paradigm throughout Europe and worldwide, conributes to the creation of dynamic, multi-layer and multidimensional European Innovation Ecosystem, and facilitates the cooperation and the exploitation of synergies between its members and external stakeholders. 

Since its inception in 2006, the ENoLL network has expanded and developed into a vibrant and lively community of member living lab organisations that operate by the main living lab principles such as multi-stakeholder co-creation, active user involvement and real-life intervention. Although this was followed by a first wave of (mostly Scandinavian) academic living lab publications (e.g. Eriksson et al., 2005; Niitamo et al., 2006 & Stahlbrost, 2008), the community can be characterised as largely practice-based. 

The ENoLL network aims at creating pan-European experiments and prototypes for new markets, based on the Digital Single Market. It is an open engagement platform where new business models can be experimented with and developed based on a quadruple helix approach, creating safety nets for experiments and prorotypes with new roles of the public sector as enabler and catalyser. ENoLL can combine European vertical specialisation domains (health, smart cities, creativity, education, etc.) with horizontal and territorial specialisation. 

The following infographic summarizes some of our achievements of the past year:



To have a better overview of how our network grew over the years; past and on-going EU projects ENoLL has worked on, and other important information read our activity reports:

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