Halmstad Living Lab

Information doc: 


Carina Ihlström Eriksson, Research manager/project leader

Halmstad University, Box 823, 301 18 Halmstad, SWEDEN

carina.ihlstrom_eriksson@hh.se, phone: + 46 703 187355. www.halmstadlivinglab.se


Halmstad Living Lab (HLL) has two main application fields, health technology and digital media. Within the health technology field we aim at empowering elderly people and support digital innovation processes of products and services that increase the wellbeing of elderly. Within the digital media field we aim at creating new commercially successful digital media services leveraging user value.

Description of Concept

HLL is a co-operation between a multidisciplinary team of researchers, partners from the industry and non-profit organizations and is hosted by Halmstad University. The focus of the Living Lab is to enhance digital innovation processes for companies as well as providing value adding digital innovations for consumers.


HLL is currently working within the health technology field where users together with SME:s are creating and validating products and services aimed at supporting and empowering elderly people. HLL is also working together with the media industry innovating new digital media services leveraging user value.


Our mission is to offer our knowledge of facilitating innovation processes based on user involvement to primarily companies, municipalities, other academic partners and user groups (e.g. nonprofit organizations), and providing an arena for different stakeholders to meet and get involved in digital innovation.

References and Track Record

HLL has long experience regarding user involvement in digital innovation processes with specific domain knowledge within health technology and the media sector. The models, methods and tools used covers user involvement in every step of the innovation process and therefore concern both the creation as well as the validation of new innovations. Currently we have a regional coverage on the west coast of Sweden, but we have a strong national as well as international network of partners as well. Our Living Lab play an important role in the regional innovation system with the University, the municipality, the Health Technology Alliance and the SMEs in the region. We are also a part of the Open Living Labs Sweden.


Within the health technology field HLL has established a regional user database with different types of users and representatives for stakeholders. The database contains users representing elderly with different life situations as well as next of kin to elderly. Regional care-givers from different positions within the several municipalities are also connected to the Living Lab. We are actively working to get more users to commit to our Living Lab activities. We are also working on establishing a national contact network to be able to involve more stakeholders and end users.


Recently we have entered a partnership with Hälsoteknikcentrum Halland and are branding this new constellation as HealthInnovation Halland. Together we aim to become an international Living Lab within the health technology sector.