Botnia Living Lab

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Marita Holst, Botnia General Manager Luleå University of Technology, 971 87 Luleå, SWEDEN, Phone: +   46 920 49 22 89


Botnia Living Lab, Sweden´s first and largest Living Lab for human-centric ICT development, an ENoLL effective member.

Description of concept

Botnia Living Lab is an environment in Sweden for human-centric research and the development and innovation of new ICT based solutions. Botnia started in 2000 and has matured from a test-bed to a real-life experimentation environment powered by more than 6000 co-creative pilot users. Today Botnia is a world-leading environment for user-centric research, development and innovation (RDI), instrumented by methods, tools and experts and a web-portal ( for interaction and management with user groups. With its focus on advanced IT services and products, Botnia´s strategy is to be independent from (geographically) fixed assets and essentially, service experimentation is relying on readily available hardware and communication infrastructure.

Botnia services include:

- Idea-generation with end-users for new innovative solutions

- Usefulness and usability evaluation

- Real-life end-user trials for service/technology improvements

- Reality check and business-model validation with the entire value-chain of the service

The Botnia partnership consists of international ICT/telco organisations, numerous of SME´s as well as regional and public authorities.

References and Track Record

Botnia Living Lab offers the evaluation and testing of new ICT-based ideas, concepts and prototypes with end-users independently and in situ - users are engaged in their real reality! Our track-record includes more than 100 user-studies and trials in different domains such as mobile marketing, e-learning, sports and culture, energy saving, Smart City applications, e-democracy and security. The Living Lab services are being developed in close collaboration with researchers at Luleå University of Technology and in partnership with different stake-holders. One good example of Botnia´s assets generated by ur applied research is the Form-IT Living Lab methodology. This s an iterative and interactive process in several steps used by us and our partners,  for user-engagement in all phases of the development of an IT based service/product  from early needfinding to beta-trial and pre-market launch.

Added value offered by Botnia Living Lab:

- To speed up the innovation process from idea to market launch by end-user involvement

- To co-create, tap into and improve innovative ideas and concepts

- To investigate and create new business opportunities

Botnia is governed by the Centre for Distance-spanning Technology, CDT ( which is an RDI institute at Luleå University of Technology. At the highest level, Botnia is governed by the CDT board of directors comprising senior managers from the University, ICT Corporations and regional public authorities.  CDT was established in 1995 and has a long track-record in international RDI cooperations.

At CDT research work closely together with society and industry – a PPP (public-private-people) partnership  for extended human capability by new innovative ICT!

Botnia Living Lab is a  member of the ENoLL Council.


Living Lab Methodology Handbook

The handbook is based upon results from the Nordic cross-border Living Lab project SmartIES on energy savings involving the two ENoLL members Botnia and Wireless Trondheim and  Living Lab partners from Denmark, Iceland and Lithuania. It includes evaluation of the FormIT Living Lab methodology as well as Living Lab key-principles for Living Lab operations. The resource also includes detailed guidelines for applying the methodology in each phase of the Living Lab operation. Target-users of the handbook are Living Lab practitioners and Living Lab stakeholders.

Find the Living Lab Methodology Handbook behind the link.