Smart House Living Lab


Prof. María Teresa Arredondo Walmeyer. Email: Tel: +34 91 5495700 Ext. 3416

Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, E.T.S. Ingenieros Telecomunicación. Life Supporting Technologies

Ciudad Universitaria s/n 28040 Madrid (Spain) 


Smart House Living Lab (Madrid, Spain)

The mission of the Smart House Living Lab is the research and development of technology and services in the Ambient Intelligence context through the use of pervasive sensors and actuators, promoting a wide range of services and applications, such as energy efficiency, domotic services, prevention and care of the welfare of people, support for social inclusion and the independent living of fragile and dependent groups, among others. These services are developed in all stages of the value chain: training, experimental research, technological development and technology transfer. This living lab was developed in the context of the CIAMI (Experimental Centre of Ambient Intelligence Services and Applications) project under the Plan Avanza Program of the Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce and it is managed by the Life Supporting Technologies (LifeSTech) of the Universidad Politecnica de Madrid.


The Smart House Living Lab is a real intelligent house, fully equipped with the usual services of a conventional house where different ICT technologies (sensors and actuators) are distributed extensively in the living lab technical areas such as ceilings and walls, remaining invisible to users. These sensors monitor different context changes, such as temperature, lighting conditions, energy consumption, etc. This Smart House Living Lab has a control and observation area, which allows monitoring the use of services and applications in a non-intrusive way. There is also a specific room with a virtual reality infrastructure that allows virtual training and rapid prototyping of new services, and simulation of different scenarios. The Smart House Living Lab is both to develop new applications, services and applications based on the massive use of technology distributed under the ambient intelligence paradigm, and to test and evaluate the quality in use of third-party applications and services that require an user friendly environment with high connectivity and interoperability, and experience in design methodologies and user-centered evaluation. The Smart House Living Lab is an accessible environment for any user regardles of his disability or age.

The main services that the Smart House Living Lab provides are the following:

  • Intensive evaluations of Ambient Intelligence applications and services. Definition of indicators for assessment of both technological and user experience to obtain pre-prototype industrials completely validated by users, and thus close to being exploited and installed in real environments.
  • Systematic study of the needs of target users of applications and services: governments, healthy citizen, the elderly, people with disabilities and people with cognitive dependence and people who suffer chronic diseases.
  • Development of technological solutions available to specific needs at home for citizens (security, entertainment, social interaction, communications, information, energy saving). Generation and analysis of new paradigms of human-machine interaction.

References and Track Record

The Smart House Living Lab is committed with participating in dissemination activities, as conferences, congress or workshops. Most recently, the evaluations carried in the Smart House Living have been publised in Sensors Journal ISSN 1424-8220 (

Different projects have exploited the living lab resources, testing the results of EU funded projects where our LifeSTech participated: PERSONA (, UniversAAL (, Hearcycle (, OASIS (, Metabo ( and Perform ( Currently, there are three projects exploiting the Smart House Living Lab: REAAL (, CLOUD4ALL ( and LEADERSHIP ( The Smart House Living Lab also hosts the annual international competition for Ambient Assisted Living technologies called EvAAL (