CALL for independent external controller auditor (registered in Belgium) – TALIA Interreg MED project - EXTENDED DEADLINE


TALIA (Territorial Appropriation of Leading-edge Innovation Actions) is a new project under the Interreg MED Programme that has recently been approved and has started in November 2016.

TALIA promotes in a structured way the implementation and transferability of the modular project results dealing with creativity and social innovation, by jointly building a shared sense of purpose and promoting that message through triple loop policy learning.

Concretely, TALIA carries out the main activities foreseen by the Call for Horizontal projects through three strands of action:

- Engagement and support: Liaison and interaction with modular projects and their local and transnational networks, with the purpose of community building as well as helping them to interact with each other and their target audiences.

- Communication: This includes the web spaces for interaction and dissemination among researchers, practitioners, and policy makers, as well as regular events at the local and national levels.

- Attaining impact: This involves the identification of opportunities to extend the most prominent results across the MED space and the EU thematic policy agendas, through policy briefings and roadmaps contributing to key debates in national and international fora, with a clear focus on sustainability.

In this way, TALIA inter-connects the innovation clusters developed within Objective 1.1. thematic modular projects to create a transnational meta-cluster of creativity and social innovation in the Mediterranean. 

In order to support the financial coordination of ENoLL activities in the Interreg MED TALIA project the ENoLL Office launches the present Call for independent external controller officially registered as an auditor in Belgium, whose terms and conditions are explained below.


ENoLL plays an active role in all project Work Packages. We are looking for an External Auditor to scrutinize the financial statements of TALIA Project report in compliance with First Level Control System. The External auditor will prepare the ENoLL progress report and submit it on the Synergie CTE platform to then let an independent first level controller verify and confirm it.

To succeed in this role, you should be an excellent auditor with an analytical mind, attention to detail, solid experience in EU-funded project reporting and Interreg. Your goal will be to carry out TALIA project reporting together with members of the ENoLL Office, unearthing problematic situations regarding the finances and processes of the project. The tasks are:


  • Plan effective auditing processes
  • Audit financial statements and assess accounts for accuracy and regulatory compliance
  • Inspect internal systems and controls
  • Synergie CTE platform
  • Perform audits of non-financial areas, like European Interreg Projects activities
  • Report errors or financial discrepancies
  • Investigate specific issues regulatory bodies bring forward
  • Explain audit findings and recommend solutions



Please indicate your hourly rate/fee per first level control audit (required each semester) as well as any other financial retributions you would be expecting us to cover.


Kindly apply by sending an e-mail to by August 25th, 2017 at midnight CET (EXTENDED DEADLINE). Your message should be with subject line: Talia External Auditor Call and include:

  • Updated CV
  • The filled in FLC designation checklist (see below attached)


  • Proficient in English (project working language)
  • Registered as an auditor in Belgium
  • Proven experience as an External Auditor
  • Experience in data analysis and financial reporting
  • Knowledge of external auditing practices and relevant regulations 
  • Knowledge of accounting standards and Belgian (Brussels) regulations
  • Possibly familiar with Interreg, Synergie CTE and First Level Control
  • Sound judgement and decision-making ability
  • Keen attention to detail


  • Knowledge of accounting standards and Belgian (Brussels) regulations (20 points)
  • Experience in financial reporting and as External Auditor (20 points)
  • Professional experience in European projects (20 points)
  • Knowledge of Interreg MED programmes, procedures reporting platforms (Synergie CTE) (20 points)
  • Language competencies (20 points)