Best Living Lab Project 2016 Awards

For the first time the European Network of Living Labs is launching “Best Living Lab Project Awards” of 2016. ENoLL members are encouraged to apply, present their best, most innovative and eye-catching project on which they have worked or concluded in 2016 and win a free entry to Open Living Lab Days next to increased visibility for their project and their work.

Best Living Lab Project Award

Since the first week of February is a busy time for ENoLL members who are submitting project applications, we will extended the deadline for Best Living Lab Project Awards until Sunday 5 February.  Apply here with the following information:

What do you have to specify on your application:

  • Living Lab name
  • Country
  • Description of the project (150-200 words)
  • Link to a website (preferably a video)
  • Main outcomes (3 highlights)
  • Thematic area
  • Why should the project win? In what way does it stand out? (one/ two sentences)
  • Funding (EU, national, private)

To qualify:

  • An applicant has to be a member of ENoLL
  • Project has to be active in 2016

After the closing date we will reveal the names of the contestants and open a public poll where everyone will be able to vote for their project of choice.

Public voting poll

Free entry to Open Living Lab Days 2017
Three winners will be announced ahead of the Open Living Lab Days