Living Labs

Country Title Membership type
Australia Adelaide Living Laboratories Adherent member
Australia Transport and Logistics Living Lab Adherent member
Australia Future Self and Design Living Lab Adherent member
Austria EVOLARIS MOBILE LIVING LAB (Graz) Adherent member
Austria Mobile City Bregenz
Austria LivingLab Schwechat
Austria Sound of Media LL
Austria CityLAB Graz Adherent member
Belgium imec iLab.o Effective member
Belgium Ghent Living Lab Adherent member
Belgium SENSO2ME Adherent member
Belgium Living and Care Lab (LiCaLab) Adherent member
Belgium CareVille Adherent member
Belgium InnovAGE Adherent member
Belgium Egg Lab
Belgium LeYLab
Belgium Flemish Living Lab Platform
Belgium Future Classroom Lab
Belgium AIPA – Ageing in Place Aalst Adherent member
Belgium ONLINE neighbourhoods Adherent member
Belgium De Andere Markt (The Other Market) Adherent member
Belgium Wallonia e-health Living Lab (WeLL) Adherent member
Brazil Amazon Living Lab
Brazil INdT- Well Being and Health Care LL / Mobile Work Spaces Living Lab
Brazil Brazilian Biotech Innovation Living Lab
Brazil Well Being Rio Living Lab
Brazil Group Inter-Action LL
Brazil EDP/Brasil LL
Brazil Amazonas Living Lab
Brazil Inventa Brazil Rural Living Lab
Brazil Cuidando do Future
Brazil Corais Open Innovation Platform
Brazil Habitat Living Lab Adherent member
Bulgaria Virtual Services and Open Innovation
Bulgaria Digital Spaces Living Lab
Canada Le Mandalab Adherent member
Canada Digital Transition Laboratory Adherent member
Canada The Rehabilitation Living Lab in the mall Adherent member
Canada SU R&D Living Lab of Quebec
Canada 1125@Carleton
Canada SAT I Urban Hub Adherent member
Canada Living lab en innovation ouverte (LLio) Adherent member
Canada CforCare Living LAB Adherent member
Canada Living Lab de Montréal Adherent member
China Green China Lab Adherent member
China China Mobile Research Institute
China MC² Mobile Life Club
China Living Lab of China Mobile Communication Corporation (LLCM)
China LivingLab SHANGHAI Adherent member
China China Housing Lab (China Living Lab for Future Housing) Adherent member
Colombia ExPiN Living Lab Adherent member
Colombia Living Lab Cluster TIC´S BOGOTÁ
Colombia Living Lab Antioquia, Departamento del Conocimiento
Colombia GestionRiesgoTIC Risk Management ICT
Colombia Living Lab Medellín Digital
Colombia Laboratorio Vivo InteligenciaColectiva
Colombia Living Lab Ciudad Bolivar Digital
Colombia Pereira City of Knowledge Living Lab
Colombia CINTEL Adherent member
Croatia Rijeka iLiving Lab Adherent member
Cyprus TLL Kypros - Territorial Living Lab Kypros
Cyprus FUNecole Creative Learning Environment
Czech Republic WIRELESSINFO – Czech Living Labs
Denmark Copenhagen Living Lab Adherent member
Denmark Digital Urban Living Lab (DULL) Adherent member
Denmark DOLL Adherent member
Denmark Energy & Water – Greater Copenhagen Living Lab Adherent member
Egypt Egyptian School Education Living Labs
Egypt RetailNetLL
Egypt Egyptian-Dutch Agricultural LL
Estonia Smart City Lab (SCL) Adherent member
Finland Laurea Living Labs Network Effective member
Finland TAMK Living Lab Effective member
Finland Helsinki Living Lab - Forum Virium Helsinki Effective member
Finland Lahti Living Lab Adherent member
Finland OULLabs - Oulu Urban Living Labs Adherent member
Finland Northern Rural-Urban Living Lab (NorthRULL)
Finland Turku Archipelago LL
Finland Agro Living Lab
Finland Kainuu Living Lab (Snowpolis)
Finland Living Lab for Design and Services
Finland Owela Open Web Lab
Finland Digital Living Lab
Finland Nokiareena Living Lab - NALLI
Finland Suupohja Living Lab
Finland HumanTech LivingLab Adherent member
Finland TWICT Adherent member
Finland CODER Co-Design, Experimentation and Innovation with User Experiences Adherent member
France LL ICT Usage Lab Adherent member
France Images & Réseaux-ImaginLab Adherent member
France “MEDIALAND” Living Lab – Issy-les-Moulineaux Adherent member
France 3D Living Innovation Adherent member
France Autonom’Lab Adherent member
France Lorraine Smart Cities Living Lab Adherent member
France eCare Lab Adherent member
France Erasme Adherent member
France Normandy Living Lab Adherent member
France CESARS Telecommunications Lab Adherent member
France Design Creative Living Lab (DCC-L) Adherent member
France Hospitality, Culinary and Foodservice Lab (Le Restaurant) Adherent member
France Smart City Living Lab Adherent member
France LUSAGE Gerontechnology Living Lab Adherent member
France Nova CHILD’s Living Lab Adherent member
France Living Lab ActivAgeing Adherent member
France Silver Normandie Hub Adherent member
France Streetlab Adherent member
France Ways Of Learning for the Future (WOLF LL)
France Silicon Sentier Living Lab
France Territories of Tomorrow Living Lab
France Integrative Usage Lab (IUL)
France Imaginove's Living Lab
France Live with Risk Living Lab
France Digital Ardennes
France Innovasud RALL
France New Media Living Lab
France Tele Health Aging Territory (THAT)
France OFF-ROAD MEMORY Living Lab
France Laval Virtual Reality City Living Lab
France QuakeUp
France Urban Living Lab (Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines)
France Augmented Learning | Design for people
France i-Matériel.Lab
France Living Lab Muse
France VisAge Living Lab
France Sport Innovation Living Lab
France Pôle Numerique
France 3E-Paris Periurban Lab
France Education Therapeutique Living Lab (ETP-LL)
France Quest Médialab
France Job Map
France Strasbourg University hospital’s Innovation lab La Fabrique de l’hospitalité
France Living Labs Pays d'Aix
France Paris&Co Adherent member
France Espace et Living Labs - E2L (PATS - E2L) Adherent member
France Universcience Living Lab Adherent member
France University of Reunion Island Living Lab for Teaching and Learning Adherent member
France Brie’Nov Adherent member
France PAsteur Innovative Living Lab Of Nice 2020 Adherent member
France Réunica Domicile Adherent member
France Hygée Lab Adherent member
France Digital Home Living Lab Adherent member
France User-Centered Innovation Lab (uCIL) Adherent member
France Faubourg Numérique Adherent member
France OCEAN LIVING LAB Adherent member
France 3C Centre Culinaire Contemporain Adherent member
Germany Knowledge Workers Living Lab Adherent member
Germany Future Care Lab Adherent member
Germany PRAXLABS: Creating innovative technologies in practice Adherent member
Germany iRegion Karlsruhe - creating the net economy
Germany Mobile City Bremen
Germany The Virtual Dimension Center (VDC)
Germany ViRaL Cooperation Lab
Germany Ambient Assisted Living Environment
Germany WILL – Workability and Innovation LivingLab
Germany Nuremberg Mobile Application Centre (NuMac)
Germany FZI Living Lab Ambient Assisted Living
Germany DAILL - Distributed Artificial Intelligence Living Lab
Germany Bremen Ambient Assisted Living Lab
Germany Hamburg Living Lab
Greece Thessaly Living Lab Adherent member
Greece Telecommunication Networks and Integrated Services Laboratory Adherent member
Greece Lever- Thessaloniki Lever for Open Innovation
Greece Cretan and South Aegean Living Lab
Greece Thessaloniki Active and Healthy Ageing Living Lab (Thess-AHALL) Adherent member
Hungary Györ Automotive LL Adherent member
Hungary Well-being Living Lab Nagykovacsi Adherent member
Hungary Innovative Learning Solutions (Flexilab) Adherent member
Hungary Creative Knowledge Centre (CKC) Living Lab
Hungary Homokháti Rural Living Laboratory
Hungary Green Living Lab
Iceland Iceland LL
India Smart Village Living Lab India Adherent member
Ireland CASALA Living Lab Adherent member
Ireland Dublin Living Lab Adherent member
Ireland Arc Labs Waterford
Ireland Adaptive Governance Lab Adherent member
Italy TLL - Territorial Living Lab for the Sicilian Region Adherent member
Italy Living Piemonte Adherent member
Italy LabICT-PA ICT Laboratory for the Public Administration Adherent member
Italy Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna Living Lab Adherent member
Italy ValléeLab Adherent member
Italy Trento Health & Well Being Territorial Lab Adherent member
Italy CRIKHET LIVING LAB Adherent member
Italy Knowledge-based Lifecycle Innovation living Lab (KLIO Lab) Adherent member
Italy Green Schools Adherent member
Italy Geo-localized Structures and Services Lab Adherent member
Italy Technology infrastructure Allowing to experiment Gamification Strategies for social services innovation (TAGS) Adherent member
Italy Technology Innovation Ecosystem (An Entrepreneurial-minded Community) Adherent member
Italy X-Lab
Italy Leaning Lab
Italy Space2Land Living Lab
Italy Frascati Living Lab
Italy ITL – Living Lab for Logistics
Italy Telemedicine Living Lab
Italy C.LAB - Piedmont Community Labs
Italy Living Lab of the Prato Textile District
Italy IDEaCT - Interaction Design and Communication Technologies
Italy eGSI - eGovernment Services Intermediation
Italy Torre Guaceto Living Lab: the living lab in the Natural Reserve
Italy Enerlab
Italy eToscana
Italy WB@W
Italy Research Innovation Centre
Italy Territorial Living Lab (TLL PREALPE)
Italy SaMPL Cultural and Creative Living Lab
Italy Cross-Border Living Lab on Territorial Marketing (CBLLTM)
Italy Esoce-Net
Italy Trentino as a Lab Adherent member
Italy Lunigiana Amica Adherent member
Italy City of the Future Living Lab Adherent member
Italy Puglia Smart Lab Adherent member
Italy Apulian ICT Living Lab Adherent member
Italy Formedil Lab Adherent member
Italy Apulian Living Lab on “Healthy, Active & Assisted Living” (INNOVAALab) Adherent member
Italy Lecco Innovation Living Lab Adherent member
Italy MADONIE Living Lab Adherent member
Italy Solar Living Lab Adherent member
Italy Textile & Clothing Living Lab Adherent member
Italy UNIS&F Lab Adherent member
Japan Living Lab Tokyo Adherent member
Latvia TDF LatLab (Technology Development Forum)
Lebanon Berytech Living Lab (BeLL) Adherent member
Luxembourg Technoport Living Lab Luxembourg Adherent member
Malta Living Lab Malta
Malta Euro-Mediterranean Initiative for Technology and Innovation
Mauritius Innovative Learning & Teacher Education Living Lab (IL.TE.LL) Adherent member
Mexico KMSME Living Lab (Knowledge Micro, Small & Medium Enterprise Living Lab)
Mexico Knowledge Markets for Knowledge Cities
Mexico noulab (Territorial Intelligence and citizen empowerment)
Mexico Knowledge Women Innovation Space (KWINS)
Mozambique Living Lab Maputo
Netherlands Eindhoven Living Lab Effective member
Netherlands Next Generation Labs East Netherlands NGL-EN Adherent member
Netherlands Care Innovation Center West-Brabant Adherent member
Netherlands Amsterdam Living Lab
Netherlands Freeband experience lab
Netherlands MiPlaza
Netherlands Foundation the Hague Innovation Motor (HIM)
Netherlands Urban Management Fieldlabs Adherent member
Nigeria Co-Creation Hub - Open Living Labs Adherent member
Norway Wireless Trondheim Living Lab Adherent member
Norway Far North Living Lab
Norway The RECORD online Living Lab
Norway Borg Innovation Living Lab
Paraguay Paraguay Educa Lab
Peru Innovation Network and Knowledge Accessibility Living Lab (INKALab)
Poland Poznan Living Lab Effective member
Poland Krakow Living Lab Effective member
Poland Turecki Living Lab (TUR-LL)
Poland International Centre for Decision Sciences & Forecasting (CDSF)
Poland Kielce Technology Park Living Lab
Portugal RENER Living Lab – Portuguese Smart Cities Network Adherent member
Portugal Smart Rural Living Lab Adherent member
Portugal Madeira Living Lab
Portugal Living Labs Minho
Portugal SJM-ILL - S. Joäo da Madeira Industrial living lab
Portugal Creative Media Lab
Portugal ECO LivingLab@Chamusca
Portugal FIAPAL Living Lab
Portugal Sport Living Lab Lisboa - VIDELLL
Portugal ISaLL - Intelligent Sensing and Smart Services Living Lab
Portugal Agueda Living Lab
Portugal Sustainable Construction Living Lab
Portugal Ubiquitous/Invisible Computing Living Lab
Portugal Living Lab da Cova da Beira
Portugal Lisboa Urban Living Lab
Portugal Lighting Living Lab Adherent member
Portugal CreaLab – Network of Creative Living Labs Adherent member
Portugal Seia Smart Mountains Living Lab Adherent member
Republic of Cameroon ISATIC Living Lab
Romania A.R.C.H.E.S
Saudi Arabia Middle East Digital Ecosystem Living Lab (MEDELL)
Senegal African Living Lab ISEG/UNIDAF Adherent member
Serbia Precision Agriculture Living Lab Adherent member
Slovenia ICT Technology Network Adherent member
Slovenia E-zavod Living Lab Adherent member
Slovenia Laboratorij Odprtega Inoviranja ORbITaLA Adherent member
Slovenia Slovenia eLivingLab
Slovenia LENS Living Lab
Slovenia Slovenian Automotive Living Lab
South Africa Sekhukhune Rural Living Lab Adherent member
South Africa Siyakhula Living Lab
Spain i2Cat Catalonia Digital Lab Effective member
Spain espaitec Living Lab (eLiving Lab) Effective member
Spain BIRD LIVING LAB Effective member
Spain Consorcio Fernando de los Rios Living Lab (CFRLL) Effective member
Spain Barcelona Laboratori Effective member
Spain Library Living Lab – Barcelona Effective member
Spain Smart House Living Lab Adherent member
Spain Citilab Cornellà Adherent member
Spain MIMMA Living Lab Adherent member
Spain Audiovisual Living Lab Terrassa Adherent member
Spain Comercios Innovadores de Bilbao Adherent member
Spain Ergo Lab Adherent member
Spain IoT Smart Santander Living Lab Adherent member
Spain S.S.I. Living Lab Adherent member
Spain NClic Thinking Differently Adherent member
Spain EVOMOBILE Adherent member
Spain Iberian Institute in Psycho-Sciences Lab - Research and Innovation Centre (IBIP LaB) Adherent member
Spain UAB Smart Campus Adherent member
Spain LivingCAR Living Lab
Spain EMOSENZIA Living Lab
Spain Cudillero Living Lab
Spain Living Lab Berlanga de Duero - Soria
Spain Zaragoza Living Lab
Spain Barcelona Digital Cluster TIC
Spain TCM Lab
Spain Río Nacimiento Living Lab
Spain Madrid4Inclusion
Spain Segovia Tech Living Lab
Spain SENIORLAB – Living Lab for Robotics in an Ageing Society
Spain InnovaLab
Spain eHealth Living Lab
Spain Tragsa R&D Labs
Spain Subbética Cordobesa Living Lab
Spain Mendinet
Spain RuraisLAB Galicia Living Lab
Spain eHealth Madrid LL
Spain Queso Andalucia LL
Spain Guadalhorce LL
Spain Integral
Spain Los Pedroches LL
Spain (R)LL Pais Romanico
Spain AGDR Sierra de las Nieves
Spain Living Lab La Serena
Spain Platja de Palma Living Tur (PdP LL)
Spain Man & Earth Living Lab
Spain Málaga Living Lab
Spain Living Lab Campiña de Jerez
Spain SPORTIS Living Lab
Spain Legazpi BAI! Espacio territorial colaborativo
Spain Plataforma Cero (LABoral Centro de Arte y Diseño Industrial)
Spain Home Experiences node Empowered for Action (H-Enea)
Spain Valdespartera Living Lab
Spain Hermes Living Lab
Spain Life Living Lab using Technology (L3TECH)
Spain Museum IDC Living Lab
Spain Zorrotzaurre Art Woking Progress
Spain Living Lab Comercios Innovadores de Gran Canaria
Spain Food&HealthLab Adherent member
Spain Living Lab Social in real environments - Ageing Lab Adherent member
Sweden Botnia Living Lab Effective member
Sweden Halmstad Living Lab Adherent member
Sweden Stockholm Living Lab Adherent member
Sweden New Homes for Health Adherent member
Sweden Living Labs Øresund
Sweden Innovation Cultures
Sweden The Swedish Living Lab on Vehicle and Transport ICT
Sweden Malmö Living Labs
Sweden Airport Living Lab
Sweden Karolinska Living Lab
Sweden Users Award Living Lab
Sweden Småland Region Living Lab Adherent member
Switzerland Energy Living Lab Effective member
Switzerland iHomeLab Living Lab Adherent member
Switzerland Mobile Communications and Computing for Quality of Life Adherent member
Switzerland Cyber Care Clinique Living Lab
Switzerland Swiss Living Lab Community (SLLC) (Ecologies for Learning in distributed Project Teams)
Switzerland Swiss Open Laboratory for E-Tourism (SOLET)
Switzerland Food Living Lab
Switzerland Genève Lab Adherent member
Taiwan Living Labs Taiwan Effective member
Taiwan TOUCH Center, Taiwan
Taiwan Smart Life Lab, inc.
Taiwan Taipei CVS Living Lab
Trinidad and Tobago User Experience Living Lab Adherent member
Tunisia Start-Up Systeme Tunisia
Tunisia DigiArt Living Lab Tunis- Nabeul Adherent member
Tunisia Sfax Smart City Living Lab (SSCLL) Adherent member
Turkey Basaksehir Living Lab Effective member
Turkey Tepebasi Future Living Lab Adherent member
Turkey Smart City Istanbul Living Lab (SCILL)
Turkey Eliminating Barriers Living Lab Adherent member
UK Bristol Living Lab Effective member
UK City Lab Coventry Effective member
UK Newcastle Living Lab Adherent member
UK Birmingham Communities Building Capacity Adherent member
UK Innovate Dementia Transnational Living Lab Adherent member
UK Manchester Digital Innovation Living Lab Adherent member
UK FutureEverything Living Lab
UK Centre for Sustainable Technologies (CST)
UK Manchester Living Lab
UK Digital Lifestyles Centre
UK Edinburgh Living Lab
UK Sunderland Living Lab
UK Hull Service Transformation Laboratory
UK Cybermoor
UK MIBON: Multimedia, ICT, Business Organisation Network
UK Rural Connect NWLL
UK TRAIL Living Lab (Translating Research and Innovation Lab) Adherent member
UK Sheffield City Region Adherent member
UK Lab4Living Adherent member
UK City Observatory Adherent member
USA Roswell Voices LL Adherent member
USA CASA Dallas/Ft Worth Living Lab for Severe Weather Adherent member