Well-being Living Lab Nagykovacsi


Peter Kövesd

Kossuth L. u. 20, 2094, Nagykovacsi, Hungary

Tel: +36 26 555 221



TREBAG Ltd was founded as a German and Hungarian joint venture in 1989. The majority owner was TREBAG Treuhand und Beratung AG of Munich. In the early 90s the present owners bought out the company and since then these two Hungarian people are the owners of the Ltd.

In the first years we provided management consultancy in cooperation with German colleagues. Our scope of activities included making development plans for the predecessors of the Ministry for National Economy primarily in the areas of quality management, innovation, cluster/virtual companies, e-economy, entrepreneurial, industrial/innovation/science parks.

Since 1995 we have been dealing with research and development with main focus on internet content development and application of Internet. We have been developing training materials, especially e-learning materials since 2000. During this work we have been involved in numerous projects in the frameworks of research and lifelong learning of the European Union.

We have given consultancy on R+D+I management since 2005 for a high number of companies and we have already had a lot of companies and corporations as clients in this field.

In 2005 we were approved the eFestival prize and in 2006 we were given the European Seal of Excellency in Multimedia prize in CEBIT.

We established the Nagykovácsi Innovation Lodge and the Wellbeing Living Lab in 2010, which became a member of the European Network of Living Labs (EnoLL) in 2011.


Research and Development; Innovation

This activity could be divided into the two main groups below:

Research and Development and innovation to continuously improve our company. This activity is carried out within the company or in cooperation with other partners in a consortium. We apply techniques for this activity such as open innovation and living lab method.

Research and Development and innovation for other companies with contracts.

Consultancy on complex research and development and innovation/redefine coaching

We provide complete or partial services ranging from selecting and drafting the appropriate research and development and innovation projects via their management and documentation to selecting proposals for financial support, elaborating them, and giving advice on how to apply tax benefits.

Developing training materials and providing trainings based on the developed materials

Mostly we carry out these activities with the co-financing of the Lifelong Learning Programme of the European Union in cooperation of international consortiums.

The scope of our activities includes:

• Preventive techniques and programmes for older adults to maintain their physical and mental fitness

• Methods to support career development and healthy lifestyle of young people

• Training materials to support setting up and operating businesses

• Innovation management techniques

• Training materials for organic farming and herb cultivation