Tepebasi Future Living Lab


Gunes Evrim Yilmaz, Living Lab Manager,  

email: gunes.yilmaz@tepebasi.bel.tr





Tepebasi ‘Future Living’ Lab


Developing a sustainable healthy society is achievable when citizens collectively take active role in. Through the idea of improving a satisfied society is related with the culture, Tepebasi ‘Future Living’ Lab aims to influence the lifestyles by giving them opportunities about their social needs. Tepebasi Future Living Lab in Turkey mainly focuses on social innovation within social enterprise and social networks through the user driven open innovation and Living Lab approach.  




With its young and well-educated population "Tepebasi" is the active region of  Eskişehir City which is one of the most liveable cities of Turkey and it is governed by a far-sighted municipality.

Tepebasi "Future Living" Lab has already been a kept policy for Tepebasi with innovative labours including various services and activities about improving social and cultural life in the region. The most appropriate step for Tepebasi was to connect the soul of the city with ICT technologies in order to create a more innovative and user-centric development. Hence, merging the services of Municipality of Tepebasi under the living lab concept has brought a more participatory, expansive and everlasting formation. The main goal of TFLL is to motivate and involve the local citizens into the various open innovation activities and projects, which are focusing to the main profile of the City: art and culture , and additionally the social innovation – social entrepreneurship.

Since TFLL has started its services, it has high social acceptence of participants, media and enterprises.

Between 2011 - 2012, TFLL has constant contacts with approximately 5000 users by its logical centers and 4000 alternate participants by periodically used centers. TFLL has a wide range of partnership including universities, national and international enterprises and public bodies.


References and Track Record


With the aim of developing a technology oriented living lab, TFLL is to be predicated on three main areas which comprise a liveable, healthy and sustainable region for all steakholders.

While Central building of TFLL is focused on youth, other domestic centers are:

- Sukurusu Recycling Atelier targets everyone on environmental issues. http://www.sukurusu.com  and http://www.facebook.com/#!/Sukurusu

- Rainbow Café employs mentally disabled people:  http://www.gokkusagicafe.webs.com

- Özdilek Art Center targets children and women who need financial help by a wide range of art activities and  workshop/ ateliers.: http://ec.europa.eu/youth/evs/aod/hei_form_en.cfm?EID=76000955012    

- Neighbourhood Houses targets housewives who need social support and life long learning seminars, including ICT basic sessions to improve their digital skills. www.youtube.com/watch?v=bSwp9sSrqS4