Silver Normandie Hub


Elisa TOFONI – MIRIADE : / +33 2 31 53 34 59


Silver Normandie Hub is a community based in Living Lab methodologies to make Basse-Normandie region an open laboratory for experimentation and innovation on Silver Economy subjects (products and services for seniors citizens).

 Silver Normandie community gathers different actors of the “seniors’ ecosystem”:

-        Clusters of SMEs (including ones dedicated to innovation), SMEs associations, Public bodies, non-profit organizations

-        Companies operating in the markets of senior products/services

-        Education, research and development partners

Silver Normandie community actions aims to:

-        Develop and bring to market technology and user-centered products, services and solutions such as domotics, security of housing, remote diagnostics, improved medico-social care...

-        Strengthen the training for both seniors, caregivers and employees of companies offering "technological solutions"

-        Propose new economic models (supply / demand, distribution, remote assistance ...) which take into account the human, political and economic dimensions of this sector.

Silver Normandie can count on several tools, organization, clusters and associations involved in this project such as:

  • MDAP: Maison de la domotique d’application Pédagogique d’Alençon: a unique living lab used as training center for caregivers and research centre for industrials (website and short video).This Living Lab is managed by TECHSAP OUEST, a association of SMEs, and the IRSAP, a training centre.
  • TES Cluster, focused on ICT use and its Normandy Living Lab, user-centered solutions, co-design approach and testing are the core of its philosophy.
  • VALORIAL Cluster, working on the agri-food sector, has a specific focus on “food of tomorrow”, and a group specifically focused on food for seniors.
  • ACTALIA, centre of expertise, training analysis and research in the agri-food sector; ACTALIA works on “sensations” and set up a community of consumers to carry out their evaluations and studies.
  • Mov’eo Cluster, automotive and advanced transports, has a department working on Road User Safety. One of the objectives is to develop technological innovation, knowledge of human behavior, simulation and assessment methods and tools related to road safety by using virtual reality, experimental approach, test benches…
  •  MIRIADE, the Regional Agency for Innovation and economic development. Main activities:  the engineering of public funds to finance major private investment, financing of consulting studies and R&D projects in order to develop business intelligence, innovation and the activities of SMEs, fostering collaborative and EU projects participations of regional SMEs, the development and promotion of the image of Basse-Normandie in order to attract local and external investors.