Sfax Smart City Living Lab (SSCLL)


Professor Adel Alimi


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1. SSCLL Lab Description

SSCLL is a cross-sector platform gathering multidisciplinary partners, intermediary between a wide range of stakeholders and communities: users, local authorities, academics, SMEs from the creative industries, private funders, public institutions, civil society and Media.

 Objectives and Innovation value

 The main focus is to create a living environment for users and different sectors of society in order to reveal their innovative ideas by collaboration of public-private sectors and users. In this context, Sfax Smart City Living Lab (SSCLL) represents an open platformfor public-private sector and users with a mutually accepted goal: to increase life standards of society by taking into account the needs of users and sectors in the cityregarding research and technological development. SSCLL also presents experimentation lab for products and services suitable for theneeds of urban solutions. The main topics of the SSCLL focus are Smart Administration,Smart Media, Smart Transport, Smart Energy, Smart Environment and Smart Health.SSCLL is the leading research centre for building intelligence in Sfax. Connected within abroad network of experts, it also engages in international initiatives to further developthese fields, contributes to scientific conferences and trade fairs. Together with its industrial partners, the SSCLL team of engineers and scientists conducts funded applied research to increase the energy efficiency, security and comfort in the future Sfax

Smart City.

Benefits and Challenges 

Sfax Smart City Living Lab provides a framework favouring innovation through co-creation and data and technology reuse. Sfax Smart City Living Lab integrates content and technologies available to create new innovative services. A particular attention is paid to the transfer of experimentations, to adapt them to new territories, for new uses or new scopes of application. In Sfax Smart City Living Lab, citizens are involving to create content. Throughout the year, artists, creative communities, researchers and users’ communities have the possibility to produce and reuse data.

Sfax Smart City Living Lab gives priority to open solutions or recombination of existing services and technologies to produce innovative applications: hybrid applications, mashups based on Open API’s / Use and promotion of Open source solutions / Respect

of Open standards (Open IPR, Open Documents, Open Access)

2. Project(s)

 Applied research projects are conducted in interdisciplinary teams together with industrial partners and technologically focused on building automation network infrastructures based on IP (IP to the field, the Internet of Things, web services, smart objects), wireless mesh networking technologies, indoor-localisation systems, ambient awareness, usercentric/ context-sensitive services, plug’n’play/zero-engineering protocols, adaptive/intelligent control systems applying artificial intelligence, semantic buildings, energy visualisation, load control infrastructures, smart metering and smart grid applications, multimedia content management, pervasive and embedded computing. The aim is to create innovative low-cost, low-power solutions that are accepted by the humans using it and have a high potential to hit the mass market. Financial sustainability: The SSCLL Business Model is composed by different sources: Financial contribution by the strategic ICT partners + success fee + ministry finance partly to the LL + public service development incubation .

3. Living Lab methods and tools

The form of the Sfax Smart City Living Lab activities/events can be classified as follows:

Universities, colleges, schools and research consortiums are often interested to use Smart City Living Lab as a host for ICT related workshops, seminars and exchange visits: Technical talks to the dedicated topics are regularly held by the employees of the Smart City Living Lab and invited topic experts. Here are some of the technical talk’s topics: Ambient Assisted Living, Human System Interaction, sustainability, etc.

Official opening ceremonies of the new Smart City Living Lab showcases attract specialists, experts and interested people from the application domains of ICT like house automation, smart car, facility management, safety, knowledge management, logistics and mobility. Public guided tours through the exhibition facility finalized with the discussions to the topics of Smart City – open to the wide public, constant registration through the website:


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Sfax Smart City Living Lab is a think tank and implementation hub between industry, academia and wide public in the areas of the Smart City Intelligence. The long-term cooperation with our partners trust and continuity. We gain new partners, thanks to our identity of accomplishments. The main goal of SSCLL for the mid-and long-term is to be the most important TunisianThink Tank , Research and Open Innovation Laboratory for Intelligent Living and SmartCity Intelligence to expand our activities to different directions to the international level for the work with end-users.